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5 Tips to Creating a Cleaning Company
Built on Happy and Loyal Customers

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If you are thinking of starting a cleaning company, this is an opportune moment. According to Construction Week Online, cleaning services have seen a 95% increase in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased attention to sanitation and hygiene going forward will likely mean cleaning services will remain popular. Pressure Clean can provide the professional equipment you need to start your cleaning company. As with any other type of business, the key to success when running a janitorial startup lies in securing repeat customers. CMSWire reveals that returning customers are the foundation for profitability.

Below are tips for establishing a successful cleaning business built on customer loyalty.

Streamline your business operations so you have more time for customer service

Streamlining business tasks like appointment scheduling and bookkeeping will help to save time, which you can then devote to improving customer care. DaVinci offers tips on making your business operations more efficient, such as using task management software. You might also consider establishing your company as a formal legal entity, like a limited liability company, which can simplify tax paperwork and reporting obligations. Different states have different LLC formation requirements, so check area guidelines before proceeding.

Establish a clear customer service and satisfaction policy

Before you open your cleaning business, determine your customer satisfaction policy. What recourse will you take if a client isn’t happy with the job you’ve done? It’s worth establishing firm guidelines in advance and communicating these proactively to clients. For example, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee can be a great competition differentiator in terms of improving client satisfaction, according to QuestionPro. However, this could involve including a caveat like a follow-up cleaning if the client isn’t content with the first round.

Create accessible communication channels for customers to use

You can’t know if your customers are satisfied if they can’t reach you. Define communication channels for customers and make sure to publicize these once you commence operations. Online contact forms, telephone, email, and social media are all viable options, according to The Manifest. Whatever you choose, make sure someone is on hand to respond to customer queries or complaints as they come in, whether it’s you or an employee. There’s no point setting up communication channels if they aren’t monitored.

Keep your customers interested and engaged with your business

The customer relationship is clearly a two-way street, and while the services and care you provide are critical, don’t underestimate the importance of valuable engagement. Offering a website with engaging content such as informative blogs and videos are more effective than you might think. Consider giving them a place to turn for DIY information, company happenings, demonstrations and tips. This can be as rich and varied as your imagination. If you and your staff participate in a volunteer event, describe it for your followers. Hire a new person? Introduce them on your website. Host a contest, demonstrate a new service or product, offer information on how customers can get common stains out before they set in. It’s a great opportunity to paint a detailed picture of your business and personalize your interactions, and helps customers to feel like they really know you, and that you really know your business.

Ensure all employees are keeping up with your standards of customer care

Finally, the key to keeping clients happy is delivering top-quality cleaning services — and that starts with your employees. Properly training your employees and communicating expectations will help ensure top-quality results. Give workers directives in writing, not just verbally. Square Up provides guidelines on how to write an employee handbook, from what to include to how to organize it. That said, you also have to keep employees motivated. Check out these tips from Training Mag for ideas, from getting to know team members personally to staying visible and providing positive feedback in writing.

A successful cleaning business can be a steady source of income, especially if you are able to win customers’ trust and establish repeat clientele. The above tips can help guide you through the startup process.

The right cleaning tools will allow for more efficient and effective cleaning, allowing your cleaning company to deliver better service to clients. Check out Pressure Clean’s offering of pressure washing equipment services to get started.

Article written by Chelsea Lamb

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