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Alaska Kitchen Exhaust (Range Hood) Fire Codes

Every restaurant owner should know fire code guidelines for their commercial kitchen, especially when it comes to their exhaust system (range hoods). If these are not properly cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, this can result in a serious fire, damaging your entire kitchen and restaurant. If you do not know your state’s commercial kitchen fire codes, just read below (click on the link at the end of the summary to read about it in more detail).

The exhaust system must be inspected for grease buildup by a trained/qualified company/person.

Hood cleanings must take place:
Monthly: Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations
Quarterly: Systems serving high-volume cooking operations (24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking)
Semiannually: Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations
Annually: Systems serving low-volume cooking operations.

Hoods containing mechanical or fire-actuated dampers, internal washing components, or other mechanically operated devices must be inspected and tested by a trained/qualified person every 6 months.

If the exhaust system is found to be contaminated with grease-laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust must be cleaned by a trained/qualified person.

Access panels must be installed in hoods that have un-accessible areas, and ductwork for cleaning of the hood and ductwork.

Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, and ducts must be cleaned to remove combustible contaminants before surfaces become contaminated with grease or oil.

When cleaning procedures are completed, all access panels and cover plates shall be restored to their normal operational condition.

Alaska General Fire Codes

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