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Benefits of Pressure Washing

Heavy Equipment 

By regularly cleaning construction equipment, it puts less strain on the fixed and moving parts of your equipment. The buildup of dirt or debris can act as abrasives and friction agents that will end up causing those parts to wear much faster than regularly washed equipment. 

Regularly cleaned machines keep the engine and machine cooler when there is no mud or debris caked on the equipment. If there was mud and debris constantly being caked on the equipment, it can cause it to overheat which will end up creating a shorter life cycle for your piece of equipment. 

Your work is more productive when you are able to work with clean equipment because when your machine has been neglected to be cleaned it can cause parts to fail and shut down which can add lost time and expensive repairs. 

By regularly cleaning machines, it can also give you the opportunity to constantly inspect for potential problems. For example, with a clean machine you can see if there is a crack in the machine or if there are any leaks anywhere without having mud caked on that would potentially hide these things. When you have a clean machine, it makes it clearer and easier to see other damages that you can fix before it gets even worse. 

Regularly cleaned machines enhances safety for employees and others around the area. Contaminant buildup around items like the electrical systems can result in a dangerous blow-out or voltage, which can be life threatening to anyone handling or near the machine. A clean machine can also help prevent any slips or falls on the equipment. 

Clean machines are able to run smoother and more efficiently. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Commercial Buildings

Pressure washing will improve your buildings “curb appeal.” Having that perfect curb appeal never hurts. In fact, having curb appeal with your commercial building can actually help improve the value of your building structure and create an appealing atmosphere for your clients/customers. When a client comes to your building, it is going to be the “first impression” they get of your company. If your building looks and feels clean, your client/customer is more likely to want to do business with you.

Regular pressure washing will help prevent repairs. Algae, dirt, debris and other buildup can cause wear and tear on a building. Regular pressure washing of the building exterior will help prevent any deterioration of your building. If your building is left unwashed, it can end up causing you maintenance costs that could have been prevented. You should especially consistently get your buildings gutters and rooftops cleaned. Buildup of material on the roof can cause a collapsed roof or break, which will ultimately cause you to pay hundreds of thousands to fix. 

Pressure washing protects against injury and promotes health. Pressure washing can eliminate potential harmful substances such as, pollen, dust, dirt, algae, bacteria, etc, which could ultimately create negative health consequences for employees, as well as clients. These types of contaminants could interfere with air quality and result in employees or customers contracting items like allergies or asthma. 

Pressure washing can also help prevent slips and falls which is the most common workplace accident. Areas like sidewalks, walkways, parking garages, etc are heavy traffic areas where tons of buildup can happen which can cause someone to slip and fall. 

Pressure washing prolongs the life of your building. Hiring a professional pressure washer can help remove debris and other contaminants that will degrade your property over time. 

Pressure washing will save you money in the long run. Along with prolonging the life of your building, pressure washing will also save you money that could incur over extensive repair costs from buildup of debris and other contaminants. 

Pressure washing will maintain your buildings value. If you are looking to rent or sell office space or building you will want to make sure your building is consistently being clean to ensure the look of a fresh and clean building. Regular scheduled washing services can even enhance your property’s value by 5-10%.

Pressure washing can clean any type of surface. 

Pressure washing can be done on any type of surface, which means it can eliminate any unwanted oil, grease, dirt, from any surface.

When booking a pressure washer for your commercial building, make sure to setup a recurring visits so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of forgetting to set up a regular visit, therefore neglecting the maintenance of your building.

Benefits of Pressure Washing


Having your car pressure washed is the best way to clean your car because not only does it help get your car looking glossy and new, but it is also significantly less work than washing the car by hand. When power washing your car, you can cut your time in half, leaving yourself time to run more errands or enjoy the rest of the free time you have. Not to mention, cleaning your car frequently will help the shelf life of your car. It will also be beneficial to helping it look in tip top shape when you need to trade or sell the vehicle. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing


Power washing helps prevent damages. If you allow dirt, debris and grim to stay on your home exterior for long periods of time, permanent damage can occur. For example, if mold has been built up and remained on your home for a long period, it can end up feeding on the paint and finish, ultimately removing it.

By keeping your home clean and in tip top shape, it can help keep your property’s value, as well as help you avoid costly repairs. 

Power washing primes surfaces. If you are looking to repaint, refinish or resurface your home, power washing is the best way to help clean and prepare your home exterior for this.

It can help protect you and your family from unwanted health issues. Power washing will remove that dirt, grim, debris, mildew and dust that could end up being harmful to your families health. Springtime is an important time to power wash your home, because this tends to be when allergy season is the worst, which is majorly affected by dirt, debris, mildew and dust. 

Restores your homes curb appeal. Get your home looking beautiful and new from the outside by having the exterior of your home power washed. 

Increases your property value. By maintaining the cleanliness and exterior of your home, you can help increase the value of your home. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing

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