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Best O-Rings to Buy For Your Pressure Washer

With our sister company, AJET Services being in the pressure washing business for over 25 years, we have had a lot of experience with figuring out what type of equipment was perfect for the job and for our pressure washers. Through many years of trial and error we would love to share our knowledge of where we personally think the best products can be bought to help save you the trouble. Today we want to share with you where you can find the best o-rings to buy for your pressure washer.

First, for those who are unfamiliar with what an o-ring is, an o-ring is a gasket that is in the shape of a ring with a circular cross section. They are typically made of pliable material which is used to seal connections in pipes, tubes, etc. For a pressure washer specifically for the trigger gun, wand, pump, and hose. The o-ring ensures that the seal between each of these (the gun, wand, pump and hose) and the pressure washer is locked and secured, making sure no water or other materials can come in and out from it.

The best o-rings to buy for your pressure washer will be purchased at Hydra Pack Seals Inc in Salt Lake City, Utah. We purchase the 90 durometer rubber o-rings and can be found and purchased online through the link below:

Best O-Rings to Buy for Your Pressure Washer

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