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Caring For Your Concrete Driveway During the Winter

Caring for your concrete driveway during winter is an important thing to do to ensure your driveway is safe and intact after the harsh winter weather conditions. Snow, wind, ice and other debris can cause your driveway to crack and deteriorate if it is not properly taken care of. See below our “do’s” and “don’ts” to ensure your driveway is cared for in the winter. 

What “TO DO”: 

Caring For Your Concrete Driveway During The Winter
  • Clear the ice and snow from your driveway on a daily basis
  1. Making sure your driveway is clear will help prevent snow/ice from freezing on your concrete, which will prevent future crackings in your driveway. 
  2. If you are using a snow plow, make sure it does not scrape the surface of your driveway. You need to ensure the blade of the plow is high enough to not touch and damage your driveway. 


  • Have your driveway sealed and cleaned (recommended every 2-5 years). 
    1. Make sure to have a professional power washing company do this so it is ready to withstand harsh weather conditions. 
    2. Clearing away the debris, leaves and twigs will help make future management easier. 


Caring For Your Concrete Driveway During The Winter
  • Remove Stains & Oil Spills Frequently. 
  1. This will help prevent any discoloration on the concrete. If a stain forms, you would need to hire a professional or purchase a chemical stain remover to remove it. 



  • Pay attention to your driveway
    1. If you see cracks or any other issues in your driveway, you will need to address it as soon as possible so more problems don’t arise, causing you to pay more to fix it.


  • Do not use deicing chemicals.
    1. This may melt the ice on your driveway but it can also eat at the surface on the concrete. 


Caring For Your Concrete Driveway During The Winter
  • Try to not park heavy vehicles/equipment on your driveway (at least for a long period of time). The weight of these vehicles are too harsh on the concrete.  


  • Do not use corrosive materials. 
    1. This material breaks down the concrete in the driveway and can cause your driveway to deteriorate at a faster rate. A smarter removal detergent to use would be something with calcium chloride as a main ingredient. 
    2. Do not use salt on a brand new driveway. The salt will damage the settling material. Sand and kitter litter is a good alternative. 


Caring For Your Concrete Driveway During The Winter
  • Do not scrape your driveway with a shovel.
  1. Use either a plastic shovel or make sure your shovel head is at least a half an inch away from the concrete surface. 



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