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Cleaning a Rug With a Pressure Washer

Cleaning an area rug with a pressure washer is not a common thought amongst people. Most tend to either stick to spot cleaning or renting/hiring a carpet cleaner. However, did you know that cleaning an area rug with a pressure washer can not only be quick and easy but it will help make your area rug clean and new again?

5 Steps to Pressure Washing an Area Rug: 

Finding a Cleaning Location:

Using a pressure washer is best done outdoors for obvious reasons. However, if that is not an option you will need to find an indoor location that has concrete floors like your garage. If you are cleaning indoors, make sure it is a location that is cleared out (no furniture or items that could be damaged with the pressure washer) and you will want to make sure you open up all areas that allow appropriate ventilation for the room. 

If you are using the pressure washer outside, make sure to do it in an area where there is no mud or grass that could get onto the rug while cleaning it.

Whether or not you are cleaning outside or inside, you will want to make sure it is in an area that has good drainage for the runoff water.

Remove excess dirt/debris:

Before you get started in cleaning the rug you will want to try and remove as much dirt/debris from the rug as possible. This can be done by vacuuming, shaking the rug or using a brush to scrape it off.

Get the Appropriate Supplies:

Items you will need are of course the rug, an appropriate pressure washer, cleaning supplies and a hose.

Start Cleaning:

Start by using a low pressure (1600-1800 PSI) and moving the wand back and forth on the rug, spraying every inch of it. Make sure the wand is around 18 inches from the rug to prevent any damage with too much water force.

Rinse and Dry:

Use the hose to wash off any extra cleaning solution and then let it sit out to dry. Placing the rug outside in the sun would be your best option at drying the rug quickly but we understand this may not be an option at times. You can also leave it in an area where it can sit until it is completely dry (length will depend on the type of rug it is or where you are drying it). 

Other Tips When Pressure Washing Your Rug: 

  • Don’t step on the rug while washing it or it can leave marks. 
  • Don’t use very cold or hot water.
  • Always check with the manufacturer of your rug before using the pressure washer. Pressure washing a rug with delicate fibers may not be the best option. 
  • Do not dry your rug in a dryer. 
  • Mild dish soap or laundry detergent would be your best options for cleaning solutions. Do not use any harsh chemicals. 
  • Use a 25 or 40-degree tip when pressure washing. 
  • Before the actual power washing of the rug, it would be a good idea to do spot stain treatments for those stains that need a little more love. 

Cleaning a Rug With a Pressure Washer

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