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Day Porting Services

day porting services

What is a day porter?

A day porter is someone that helps keep your building/business looking clean and professional at all times. From the everyday traffic there can end up being a lot of trash, dirt and debris buildup or even everyday maintenance issues (like a light bulb burning out) that needs to be fixed/cleaned as soon as possible. A day porter can handle these day-to-day duties that are needed to help keep your building safe, inviting and spotless at all times. 

Services a day porter offers:

  • Removing any trash or debris from walking paths, entryways, parking lots, etc.
  • Cleaning up any type of spills or other cleaning emergencies
  • Keeping heavy traffic areas clean (lobby, entrance, common area, etc)
  • Keeping all restrooms clean and stocked
  • Keeping other areas of the building clean like kitchens, cafeteria, break rooms, conference rooms, etc.
  • Removing or cleaning up any safety hazards that could end up hurting a customer/pedestrian
  • Spotting and fix any minor maintenance issues
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day porting services
day porting services
day porting services
day porting services
day porting services

Benefits of day porter services for your building/business:

  • Day porters help your building/business look clean, professional and inviting for your guests, customers and employees.
  • They help boost your businesses over all productivity. A clean office can result in the reduction of germs (which means less employees getting sick and calling out), customers are drawn more towards a business that looks clean and professional, and your employees are more likely to work harder in a clean and healthy environment. 
  • Day porters perform a handful of services (cleaning inside and out, as well as any minor maintenance issues) so you don’t have to hire several different companies. 
  • You don’t have to wait and rely on the night crew to clean up a spill or mess that happened 10 hours ago. By having a day porter there, they can focus on all of these items while the night crew focuses on more the bigger projects of the building (like larger maintenance issues).
  • You can customize your day porting services (they can clean everything in your building or you can select just a few areas). 

Hiring a day porting service would be a huge benefit and stress reliever for you and your company. They will provide all the cleaning and minor maintenance services that you will need to provide a safe, inviting and productive work environment. 

If you currently live in Utah and are needing day porting services, contact our sister company, AJET Services (801-330-0398 or

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