Holding a Pressure Washer Nozzle

How far from the surface I’m cleaning do I need to hold the nozzle?

If you have a pressure washer that puts out 2,500 PSI that means that the PSI at the very tip of the nozzle is going to be that high.  The pressure exponentially decreases with distance. So if you stick the tip of the nozzle directly on your foot and pull the trigger then 2,500 PSI will cut a hole right into your foot.  However, if you were to pull the nozzle back to about 3-4 feet then it would feel like you are being sprayed with a mister. So don’t get too close to painted surfaces or any surface you fear may get damaged.  You don’t even want to get too close on concrete. Sometimes concrete has a protective coating on it and if you get too close with the pressure washer you can end up etching off the coating and leaving permanent mark.  

How far from the surface I'm cleaning do I need to hold the nozzle?
Close up Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet