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How to Clean a Light Post

how to clean a light post

Items you will need:

1)   Something to scrub the posts with (you will need something with a handle so you aren’t touching the chemicals used to clean it).

2)   Sulfamic acid

3)   Water

4)   Towels

5)   Safety Equipment (gloves and closed toe shoes)

6)   Sprayer (we use a 50 gallon drum with 100 PSI pump sprayer with plain water)

Step by step instructions on how to clean a light post:

1)   Put the sulfamic acid powder in a bucket with warm water.

2)   Dip the brush in the bucket. Make sure you shake the brush off in the bucket to make sure you don’t have too much liquid on it and end up getting the liquid everywhere.

3)   Start scrubbing the top of the light post in a circular fashion with your brush. As you scrub the top of the light post you will see it start to foam (this means its working).  You’ll begin to see the acid working and eating the grim right off the light post.

4)   Next, start scrubbing the actual light, underneath to top of the post. Make sure to get every area underneath. Once again you’ll see it start to foam which means the acid is eating away at the grim.

5)   Now it’s time to work on the body of the light post (going up and down and all around the post). You’ll see it start to foam and the grim disappear again. 

6)   Lastly, you will scrub the base of the light post.

7)   Head back to the top and work your way down again with the brush to ensure you got every inch of the light post. Make sure you do this about 2-3 times. If it stops foaming, then you know you got all of it off.

8)   Now it’s time to spray the light post down with plain water. Make sure you spray every inch of the light post to ensure everything gets rinsed off.

9)   It’s now time to get your dry, clean towel to wipe the light post down. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom.

10)  You now have a brand new looking light post!

how to clean a light post
how to clean a light post
how to clean a light post
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