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How to Detail a Car

How to Detail A Car
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Who doesn’t love getting their car washed and detailed? There is just something about a brand new looking car that puts everyone in a good mood. 

This blog post is to give you tips and tricks on how to detail a car and make sure you achieve that shiny, brand new car look, so you can drive off as happy as can be.

Tips to Interior Detailing: 

Clean all vents, corners, cup holders and between controls with items like cotton swabs or barbecue skewers to ensure you can reach in those small cracks.

Clean your leather surfaces with cleaners that are specifically for cleaning leather, to help you preserve the leather.

Use microfiber towels only when cleaning your car. It traps water and debris easier than other towels. Not to mention other towels can potentially leave tiny scratches and leave tons of dust particles behind.

Clean the carpet/upholstery by using a foam cleanser and rubbing it with a damp sponge or cloth. Repeat this until the stains come out. Make sure you remove as much dampness as possible to prevent mildew/mold underneath the carpet/upholstery. 

Wipe the interior surfaces with a mild all-purpose cleaner.

For cloth interiors, shampoo with a wet-vac extraction machine. For leather interiors, gently use a leather brush with a specific leather/vinyl cleaner to get any stains out. Then you will need to wipe everything down with microfiber cloth. 

Tips to Exterior Detailing:

Use car wash liquid only on the exterior. Do not use dish soap or laundry detergent because they can be too hard on the paint. 

Use car wax to wax and finish the exterior of your car. 

Use a clay bar between the washing and waxing of your car. This will help remove all dirt particles. 

Use glass cleaner for your windows. This can be any household glass cleaner. Just ensure to use one that is ammonia-free to help avoid discoloring any surfaces of the car. 

Use wheel and tire cleaner to get the chrome and metal shiny and looking new. 

Other Tips to Detailing Your Car:

Don’t wash your car in the direct sunlight because heat speeds up the drying process of the soap and water. If the soap and water dries too fast, it will cause water spots and streaks. 

Do not use the same items for multiple purposes/locations (towels, brushes, buckets, water, etc). This will just transfer contaminants from one location to another. 

Clean from top to bottom because the dirt from the top will always drip down to the bottom. 

Use the correct supplies and towels. Use wash-mitts and microfiber towels that will make it easier to dry your car’s paintwork without it scratching. 

How to Detail A Car
How to Detail A Car

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