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How to Eliminate Restroom Odor

How to Eliminate Restroom Odor
Everyone can agree a restroom is not the most pleasant place to be, especially when it comes to odor. However, when it comes to public places, restrooms are a place that dozens or even hundreds of people use on a daily basis. By having so much foot traffic, restrooms can tend to get dirtier and even stinkier throughout the day. This is why Aqua Jet wants to provide a few ways to ensure your restroom odor is controlled and eliminated for guests/customers. 

Make sure to perform daily restroom cleanings

Ensure you have employees or a cleaning/janitorial crew that can perform regular daily restroom checks. They should ensure that not only should all items be fully stocked (ie toilet paper, paper towels, etc), but to ensure everything is also smelling fresh and clean. Cleaning crews and employees should be trained to have the proper cleaning supplies and know how to properly clean, sanitize and eliminate odor. 

Use an odor digester

This cleaning product has a specific bred bacterial enzyme that breaks down organic matter by digesting it. It will help eliminate odors. 

To use an odor digester, you should use a trigger sprayer and apply the cleaning product to the bottom of the toilet, urinals, and any floor/ground space. If your restroom is not cleaned on a regular basis, you may want to use a floor scrubber to get the deep stains and odors from the floor. Make sure to wet the entire area and let the odor digester sit on the floor until it is completed dry. If any water or other chemicals are applied before it dries it can remove the odor digester, therefore losing. You will also want the floor to completely dry to help prevent any slippage. 

Make sure to read the directions on the cleaning product you are using. If the product calls for the product to be cleaned and removed off the floors, make sure to use a wet/dry vacuum to remove and left over chemicals (not a mop). 

Ventilate your bathroom

To help eliminate or control odors, making sure you have proper ventilation is important. Having a ceiling fan on or a window open will help circulate air flow to reduce odors. Just make sure to have your fan cleaned at least every 6 months. 

Use air fresheners or odor eliminators

Keeping an odor eliminating spray bottle by each toilet is a good idea. This way it can be used as often as needed. Just make sure the bottle says “odor eliminator.” 

Having air fresheners in the restroom is a good idea however, air fresheners tend to just “cover up” the odor, rather than eliminating it like an odor eliminating spray bottle would. However, if you do have air fresheners in the restroom, just make sure to be on top of changing them once the smell has run out. 

Get an air purifier

If your restroom has poor air circulation, you may need to purchase an air purifier that helps the air circulation and can remove odor. 

Use desiccants

Use desiccants if you tend to have mildew issues. Desiccants are dry materials that are designed to absorb water. Make sure to keep these out of reach of children because they can be toxic if swallowed. 

For a more natural alternative, you can use live plants. Plants like ferns or lily plants can help remove those odors. 

Take out the trash consistently

Make sure you have someone assigned to take the bathroom trash out regularly. These restroom trash cans can have items that can cause enough odor to fill the restroom (i.e. diapers, wet wipes, dirty paper towels, feminine products, etc). 

How to Eliminate Restroom Odor
How to Eliminate Restroom Odor
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