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How to Improve the Life of Your Pressure Washer

If you’ve ever owned a pressure washer, you know exactly how expensive purchasing one can be. This is why it is critical to make sure you are taking care of your machine to ensure you don’t end up paying expensive repairs or worse, for a complete brand new machine. 

See 12 tips on helping to improve the life of your pressure washer. 

  1. Make sure to always rinse the detergent from the pressure washer when you are done.
  2. Always engage the trigger lock and let the pressure washer cool down.
  3. Always disconnect the garden hose, spray gun, wand extension and high-pressure hose. 
  4. Always remove any water from the pump. Leaving water in the pump can result in mineral buildup and corrosion which can result in wearing out the pump seals and pistons. We recommend to always pump lube/antifreeze solution through the pump after each use. 
  5. Always clean off any debris on or inside the pressure washer. 
  6. Extend your engine by making sure you drain and refill with fresh oil after each use (make sure to run the engine for a few minutes to line the inside with clean oil and anti-corrosion additives. Before each use, always run the engine for a few minutes with fresh gas and fuel stabilizer 
  7. If you purchase a larger hose extension, this allows you to leave the hose in one spot rather than lugging the machine anywhere because it does not reach. 
  8. Apply lube to the o-rings in your machine to make sure they don’t get dried out  and end up tearing. 
  9. Make sure you ONLY use cleaning fluids designed for a pressure washer. Anything not made specifically for a pressure washer can destroy the pump. Along with making sure the detergent is compatible with the pressure washer, you also want to make sure it is compatible with the type of job you are doing because soaps are not interchangeable. Lastly you will want to make sure soap is NEVER left in the machine after you are done using it. Make sure to pull the gun trigger and run clear water through to make sure the soap is completely out. 
  10. Make sure to pull the pressure washer trigger first, meaning before you pull the starter rope, pull the trigger first to relieve pump pressure and lower engine resistance. This will make it easier for it to start (for gasoline pressure washers only). 
  11. Don’t place the pressure washer unit too close to any structure because the hot exhaust can melt and start fires. 
  12. Never run a gas-powered pressure washer in a closed space to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you need maintenance work done on your commercial pressure washer and live in the state of Utah, contact our sister company, AJET Services (801-330-0398,

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