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How to Keep Your Employees Safe from Coronavirus

How to Keep Your Employees Safe from Coronavirus

Keeping your business afloat starts by keeping your employees safe. Currently, this means keeping your employees safe from the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that is happening all over the world. 

Today we want to share with you a few tips to try and help keep your employees healthy and safe. 

  • Ensure your employees are washing their hands frequently with soap and water for AT LEAST 20 seconds. If you do not have access to soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand rub that contains at least 60% alcohol. 
  • Encourage employees to avoid touching their face (eyes, nose, mouth) with dirty hands. 
  • Emphasize for your employees to avoid coming in contact with anyone who is sick. 
  • If anyone in the office shows a potential occupational exposure, employers should:
    1. Evaluate the situation and risk of exposure
    2. Select, implement and ensure other workers are not exposed (separate them from the area, apply social distancing, provide protective equipment and provide cleaning supplies for everyone to use). 
  • Make sure to educate employees and keep an open and honest communication about any possible exposure in the office. 
  • Monitor the development of the coronavirus on a daily basis through the news.
  • Create a cross-functional coronavirus emergency management team. This will help cause less panic if some employees were to test positive for the virus. 
  • Encourage employees to stay home if they are feeling sick and immediately send employees home if they are showing any symptoms. 
  • Eliminate or limit business travel.
  •  If possible, let non-essential employees work remotely to reduce the risk of possible exposure.
  • Know the difference between sick leave laws and policies, FMLA, ADA, HIPAA and Workers’ Compensation for when employees fall ill.
  • Eliminate or screen visitors to your office. 
  • Have your office and all high exposure places disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis. 
  • Handle food carefully in the office. Make sure you limit food sharing. If you have a break room and/or kitchen, make sure employees are cleaning up and disinfecting areas where they were. 
  • Strengthen health screenings for cafeteria staff. Taking the staff’s temperature everyday is a good way to monitor them. 
  • Cancel and eliminate all large meetings/gatherings.

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