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How to Remove Paint on Your Home

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to strip paint from your home exterior or deck? Using a pressure washer is the way to go. However, before attempting to use a pressure washer for this purpose you MUST do your research and know the do’s and don’ts to ensure you do not damage any of the property or hurt yourself while doing it. See below our tips and tricks on how to ensure the safety of yourself and home while successfully removing the paint off your home. 

How to Remove Paint On Your Home

Type of Pressure Washer to Use: 

A pressure washer with around 2000-3000 PSI is recommended because it is powerful enough to break the chemical bond between the paint and your home building exterior (note: do not use a pressure washer on hardboard siding because this material tends to absorb moisture too easily which can cause damage to your home). 

Preparation and Safety: 

Prep your doors, garages and windows before using the pressure washer on your home. This will help prevent damage to the items, as well as prevent water from getting inside your home. 

Make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment (i.e goggles, gloves, and closed toe boots). The pressure on the pressure washer is strong enough to break through your skin, so we can not stress enough why it’s important to wear your safety equipment. 

Identify what material your house is made of. 

  • Vinyl does not absorb paint like wood does, which makes it easier to remove paint. However, wood is a little trickier which means you may not be able to get all the paint off the wood with the pressure washer, but you should be able to get the majority of it off.

Identify what kind of paint you are removing.

  • The most common type of paint is latex-based paint (water-based). This paint will be the easiest to remove by a pressure washer. 

  • How To determine water-based paint and oil-based paint. Water-based paint will look “thinner” when it is dry and may have some texture beneath. Oil-based paint looks more “opaque” and does not peel easily when you chip at it. 

  • Another way to determine what type of paint you have is by applying a small amount of alcohol on a rag and rubbing the paint. If the paint stains the rag then it is latex paint.

Tips to Removing Paint With the Pressure Washer:

It is recommended to strip paint when the weather is warmer outside. This makes the paint peel and come off easier.

Make sure you have the correct pressure on your pressure washer to remove the paint. Choosing the pressure on your pressure washer will depend on the type of paint and the type of surface the paint is on. Typically a PSI of 3000 or more is recommended for vinyl surfaces and 2000 PSI is recommended for wood surfaces.

Use the correct tip for the pressure washer. It is recommended to use between a 15-degree tip and a 25-degree tip. 

Make sure when you are using the pressure washer, you are using it in the same direction of the wood. By moving parallel to the lines of the wood (one end to the other). By doing this, you will help prevent any damage of the actual wood. 

Keep the nozzle at an angle to the surface so the water gets under the paint without damaging the wood.

Note that ALL of the paint may not come off, but the majority of it should. 

Wait 48 hours or more before you begin painting to ensure everything is dry.

How to Remove Paint On Your Home
How to Remove Paint On Your Home

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