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How to Wash a Roof

How to Wash a Roof

Wondering why you would ever need to clean your commercial rooftop if no one can even see it? Research has shown that building owners spend LESS money on rooftop repairs when they pressure wash their rooftop on a biannual basis. 

Below you will find out why and how to wash a roof!

Why Cleaning Your Commercial Rooftop is Important:

Eliminates Moisture: You must keep your rooftop clean and free from debris or other materials that can absorb water. These items can cause ponding, blistering, or splitting as well as causing the metal on your roof to start rusting. If a rooftop gets water buildup, it can end up adding pressure to your roof, which ends up weakening the structure (possibly resulting in collapsing of the roof), as well as end up clogging your drains. 

Improves Performances: A clean roof will help create lower temperatures, which can help reduce energy consumption as well as increase the life of the roof itself.

Prevents Roof Damage: A clean roof will help eliminate massive roof problems later on. By cleaning your roof, it gives you the option to find minor repairs before it becomes too large of an issue. A repair is always better (and more cost efficient) than replacing it all together!

Creates a Healthier Environment for Employees/Guests: A clean roof means no mold or algae will be able to grow and be drawn into your HVAC system which can affect the air quality of your building. 

It’s Visually Appealing: Of course a clean roof would be more visibly appealing than a dirty one. Take into consideration Google Maps or other software that may be hovering over your business and posting it online. Making sure your roof is clean will help protect the reputation of your facility. 

How to Wash A Roof

Prepare by protecting areas water could enter into the facility as well as falling off the landscape. 

Start by rinsing the roof with a low-pressure power washer with 2,000 PSI or lower. 

Apply a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution to the surface with a soft-bristled push brush. Use this brush to scrub the roof, getting off all the mold and dirt. 

Rinse the cleaner and dirt off with the pressure washer. 

Make sure to inspect the clean membrane for damage, as well as checking any gutters, downspouts and drains to ensure nothing is blocked after you are done cleaning. 

Last but not least, we ALWAYS suggest hiring a professional to clean your roof. Not only will this help ensure everything gets cleaned properly, but professionals know the safety precautions needed to make sure everyone stays safe.

How to Wash a Roof
how to wash a roof

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