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Is a Clean Car Better For Your Health?

A clean car is not only better for the lifespan of your car but it’s also better for your mental and physical health as well. 

Mental Health

Since we tend to spend a ton of time in our car, it is important to keep it clean. Surrounding ourselves with a clean environment helps us feel more productive, organized and focused. We tend to be happier people when we are in a spotless environment. It has also shown that having a clean space will help directly with stress and your ability to focus on tasks. 

Also reasons to keep a clean car is because it generally helps your ability to focus and avoid distractions, meaning there is less of a chance to cause an accident (ie the dirt blocking your vision, distractions around the car that may cause you to take your eyes off the road). A clean car will also allow you to have more patience on the road. Keeping fewer things in the car will help your brain focus on things outside of the car which improves reaction times and observation skills.

A lack of organization in your life (including your car) can alleviate stress and cause you to feel fatigued, tired and depressed. This can be an issue, considering we tend to be in the car for hours each day (driving to work, the gym, bank, grocery shopping, or taking our kids to school). With so many places to drive to each day, having a clean car will help take that extra stress off your day. 

Physical Health

Let’s be honest we all are a little messy in our car. From spilling food and drinks or dragging mud in from our shoes, the inside of your vehicle can build up moisture quickly. Due to the extra moisture in your vehicle, mold could build up on the interior of our vehicle under the floor mats (mold spores are everywhere in the air and are attracted to any moist/warm areas). If this happens, it could lead to poor air quality that can affect allergies or asthma. 


Tips for a Clean Car

  • Routine vacuuming will help keep dust mites away
  • Wipe up and dry any spills immediately (do not let it sit)
  • Eat food that with drop fewer crumbs 
  • Declutter your car
  • Treat your car like your home and keep it clean

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