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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash a Car?

Are you nervous your car will come out looking like the photo above if you power wash it? No one wants chipped paint or dents as a result to cleaning your car with a powerful machine.

So the question is, “Is it safe to pressure wash my car?” The answer is yes, IF you know what you are doing. No, it is not safe if you do not know how to properly use a pressure washer. Some pressure washers are unsafe to use on your mobile vehicle because some machines are too powerful and are more suitable for cleaning heavy equipment or buildings. Therefore, you need to know what type of pressure washer is best to use. With the proper machine and knowledge on how to pressure wash your car, you can get your car looking shiny and new in a heartbeat. See below on tips and tricks to making sure you have to right pressure washer to clean your car.

Advice on searching for the right pressure washing machine for your car:

The hose must be at least 5 meters long. If it is too short it could bang against your vehicle causing scratches.

Make sure your machine has the right nozzle. You’ll want one that works at 40 degrees, unless your vehicle is extra dirty then you might look at using a 15-25 degree nozzle. Do NOT use a rotary nozzle, these are too powerful for just a car.

Use between 1300-1900 PSI to clean your vehicle. Once again the more power in the PSI the more likely you will chip the paint and damage your car.

Do NOT hold the pressure washer too close to the car, this can also damage it.

Use medium-duty, electric pressure washer versus a gas-powered one. Gas-powered is too strong for light jobs like a car.

When using detergents, make sure they are diluted with water before applying to the car.

Use a 40 degree nozzle when rinsing off the detergent.

Is It Safe to Pressure Wash A Car?
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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash A Car?
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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash A Car?

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