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1 in Belknap (horde near Tucker's place) Would appreciate it also if you guys can share some cheese strats thanks MetalGearGekko 4 years ago #2 Most of the ones in the first region are around 50.

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Tips for Fighting Hordes. Hold off on fighting hordes until you have the weapons and throwables needed to take them on. There will be story missions involving hordes and plenty of Hordes to take.

Days Gone Hordes Guide All Horde Locations, How to Kill Easily

The horde is Days Gone's toughest enemy by a long shot. Here are a few tips and tricks to making sure you survive the onslaught of freakers. There are plenty of enemies in Days Gone, but none comes close to being as difficult to kill than a horde.

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Finding Days Gone Horde locations is the best and worst bit of the game. On the one hand you get to see the iconic Freaker hordes - hundreds of feral Freakers pouring from caves and buildings to.


Updated Oct 8, 2023 It's easy to get overwhelmed by the hordes. Check out where they are and what to expect from them. Quick Links Cascade Region Hordes Locations The Belknap Region Hordes Locations The Iron Butte Region Hordes Locations The Lost Lake Region Hordes Locations The Crater Lake Region Hordes Locations

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43 cosmoboy • 5 yr. ago I'm with you, I'm near end game and hordes are not my favorite, but I took out the death train horde almost entirely with molotovs while they were eating. I took out another story horde by getting stuck on a roof, that luckily they also couldn't get to. Hordes in the open have been a bigger problem for me. 10 nollie_shuv

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SpawnicusRex • 2 yr. ago I got you fam 👍 This video shows where the early game hidden loot locations are, where to find and the easiest way to kill the 4 early Hordes that you need to unlock the SMP-9. Since you've already done Death Train and Shadow Lake, the next two will be White King Mine and Proxy Falls.

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updated Feb 7, 2023 This page of the Days Gone guide details Hordes, including what they are, where to find them, and the rewards for defeating them. advertisement Hordes are giant groups.

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1. Look for bottlenecks and choke points Hordes are huge and tough, but one advantage you have is that you can fit through much smaller gaps. Look for alleyways between buildings and holes to.

DAYS GONE Easiest Horde? YouTube

Days Gone is an exciting game that allows you to drive your bike across a huge map and fight numerous zombies. In order to get some great rewards, you will have to defeat huge zombie hordes. It seems that some players have problems with this activity and today we are going to help them. Related

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Some Tips & Tricks on how to defeat the Hordes in Days Gone!-Best Skills For Hordes: Up The Ante Two Birds, One Bullet Quick Reload On The Move S.

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Days Gone How to Kill Hordes April 25, 2019 by PowerPyx 13 Comments In Days Gone you will encounter so-called Hordes. They are the biggest groups of Freakers in the game. Taking down such a large group can be a challenge so this guide will show you the best ways to kill hordes. Easiest Way to Kill Hordes

Days Gone Hordes Guide All Horde Locations, How to Kill Easily

Horde Locations Hordes are scattered all over the world of Days Gone. There are a total of 37 Hordes in Days Gone that you have to find and eliminate. Each region in the huge map of Days Gone has multiple hordes. Below you will find screenshots of all regions and the locations of Hordes in them so that you can find them easily.

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Updated on 29 Apr 2021 Follow Days Gone In Days Gone Hordes are huge gatherings of zombie-like Freakers, sometimes hundreds strong - and are perhaps the most daunting thing to come across.

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