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Affordable Japanese stationery with good quality and minimalist design. Discover thousands of office supplies at MUJI to make notetaking and journaling fun!


Products and businesses Café&Meal MUJI, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Muji started with only 40 products in the 1980s. Some of their products include pens, pencils, notebooks, storage units, apparel, kitchen appliances, food items, and household care products. Muji has also created an automobile.

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Discover the MUJI range of office supplies, including everything from easy-cut scissors and other desk accessories for everyday use to stylish pencases and file boxes for your office organization.

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Stapler without Staples. $8.90. A translucent pen case made of polypropylene so pen and marker is easy to clean. Because you can see the contents from the outside, you can be confident all your items are packed and ready to go while still looking neat. Great for storing pens, pencils and other writing utensils.

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Light Beige Dark Navy Greyish Brown Lightweight Compact Down Jacket Model Height: 167 cm/Size: M This item can be worn comfortably as innerwear and outerwear. The collar of this item has been designed for a perfect look regardless if it is worn as innerwear or outerwear.

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The official site for MUJI Canada, Ltd. Shop for home décor, furniture, clothing, and more! Receive 15% off your first order when you sign up to our newsletter.


MUJI Polska, Warsaw, Poland. 17,076 likes · 33 talking about this · 22 were here.

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Muji Wooden Hex Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm. The Muji Wooden Hex Ballpoint Pen has a one-of-a-kind design with a barrel made out of natural wood. It's a very skinny pen, with a width of only .39 inches, so it's perfect for someone with small hands. The tip is small at 0.5mm, so it's great for small, clean lines.

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The Osaka Muji flagship, which spans an impressive 46,300 square feet, includes a substantial grocery offering that has proven popular with locals and even tourists seeking out the Muji experience. In 2017, Muji opened its first 'Muji Diner' in Shanghai, and some of its larger flagships feature in-store cafés — such concepts could also be rolled out in Canada, he said.

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Miasta w Polsce. Kościół św. Katarzyny - Gdańsk. Kościół św. Jakuba - Opatowiec. Miasta w Polsce - miejscowości podstawowe w Polsce o charakterze miejskim, posiadające prawa miejskie . Według stanu na 1 stycznia 2024 na terenie Polski jest 1013 miast [1], w tym 302 samodzielne gminy miejskie, w tym 107 miast prezydenckich, w.


News. More. 2020-06-12 MUJI Canada's Second-Largest Store Open in Surrey's Guildford Town Centre. MUJI offers a wide variety of good quality items from stationery to household items and apparel.

FileMuji Store HK.JPG Wikipedia

Founded in 1980, Muji is a global Japanese retail company selling a wide variety of household consumer items, furniture, clothing, and food products. Muji is most well-known for its philosophy of functional, quality design with a Japanese minimalistic aesthetic, offered at a reasonable price.


In comparison, MUJI's flagship store, located in downtown Vancouver is 14,500 sq ft in size; the largest store in Canada, which is located in downtown Toronto, is 19,110 sq ft. The new location will stock the brand's full collection of products with over 4,000 items, including stationery, household goods, storage products, and apparel.

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English below Dyrektor artystyczny firmy MUJI, prezes Nippon Design Center, dawniej współpracownik domu mody Issey Miyake, a w Polsce laureat.

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Concept: MUJI Tokyo, Yoshiteru Yoshimoto Design: Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz. Projekt wykonawczy i nadzór nad wdrożeniem pierwszego sklepu MUJI w Polsce (CH Arkadia). Zespół projektowy: Projekt koncepcyjny: MUJI Tokio, Yoshiteru Yoshimoto Projekt wykonawczy: Marta Niemywska-Grynasz, Dawid Grynasz. 2010.