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Power Washing Concrete Sidewalks

Power Washing Concrete Sidewalks

Did you know that cement holds and soaks in every ounce of dirt, oil, rust and debris? This means that just sweeping or pouring some water over it is going to scrape all of these items away. Cleaning your sidewalks will not only help with the “aesthetic look,” but it will also help prevent future falls/slips. If dirt, oil, debris and other particles get piled on the surface, it can cause it to become uneven and slippery which can ultimately end up in someone slipping and getting hurt. 

With a power washing treatment on your concrete sidewalks, you can ensure a deeper cleaning that will get deep down in the surface of the concrete.

Step to Power Washing Concrete Sidewalks

1) Protect any surrounding items: Cover any exterior walls/doors with plastic sheeting and move any other items away from the area you are pressure washing. 

2) Degrease the sidewalk surface: Spray the concrete with a bottle of spray degreaser. Make sure to spray at least 6 inches above the surface. Then scrub the degreaser into the concrete with a pressure-washer attachment tool or a stiff brush/broom. 

3) Attach spray wand tip for detergent and attach the hoses: Attach the garden hose to the pressure washer’s water supply and turn the water on. 

4) Get the pressure washer ready for the detergent: Put the detergent siphon tube directly on the detergent container. Once you have turned the pressure washer on, the tube will bring the detergent into the water stream of the wand. 

5) Now it’s time to pressure wash the sidewalk: Change the tip to a 25-degree tip. Then pressure wash the concrete by spraying with the handle and doing the same smooth, consistent, overlapping strokes (same as when you were applying the detergent). 

6) Seal the sidewalk: You will need to pour waterproof sealer into the paint pan and add the roller cover to the roller handle. Next attach the extender pole and start rolling the sealer on from the middle to the outside of the sidewalks. Let this sit for 24 hours before any heavy duty items can be on it. 

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