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Power Washing Your Car

Power Washing Your Car
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Having your car pressure washed is the best way to clean your car because not only does it help get your car looking glossy and new, but it is also significantly less work than washing the car by hand. When power washing your car, you can cut your time in half, leaving yourself time to run more errands or enjoy the rest of the free time you have.

Not sure how to pressure wash your car? Need some step-by-step instructions and tips? See below for all that information.

Step by Step on Power Washing Your Car

First connect the pressure washer to your water source.

Turn on the machine (point it at the ground first before spraying your car).

Wash off the excess dirt on your car with water only (start from the top and work your way down).

Make sure you are using a nozzle between 15-25 degrees and spray 3-4 feet away.

You’ll want to also make sure the PSI is around 1200. If you go too high it can damage your car.

Once the dirt is rinsed off, use the detergent either through the pressure washer or apply it manually. Note that all detergent should be diluted before applying to the car.

Leave the soap on the car for no longer than 10 minutes.

By using a 40 degree nozzle, rinse the car with water only.

Now dry with a soft towel and enjoy your glossy new vehicle!

Tips to Pressure Washing Your Car

Use a medium-duty, electric pressure washer.

Make sure you are using the correct detergent for your car. Some pressure washers come with the soap already built in which makes it a little easier.

Do not spray for too long where there are gaps in the car (ie windows and doors), this can resort to water getting inside the vehicle.

Do not clean the inside of the car or the engine with your pressure washer.

Don’t wash near anything that could come up and hit/scratch your car as well as damage anything else.

Practice with the pressure washer on the ground before using on your mobile vehicle.

Be sure to wear protection (especially on your eyes) because debris will spray everywhere.

Wash your car around once a month, especially if it has been snowing or if there is mud all over your car. These items can be hard on your mobile vehicle if left on it for a long period of time.

Power Washing Your Car
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Power Washing Your Car

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