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Pressure Washer O-Ring Kit

What is a pressure washer o-ring kit? O-rings are small round gaskets used to seal the hose, nozzle and wand connections on the pressure washer to help prevent leaks. They are made of EPDM rubber which helps create a long lasting life (color of the rubber does not matter).

Why would you need to change your o-ring kit? O-rings wear out over a period of time so they will need to be replaced to prevent water from leaking out of the hose or nozzle.

Keep your pressure washer in shape with an o-ring kit for your pressure washer. These o-ring kits are for pressure washer coupler replacements with a trigger gun, wand, pump and hose. Just head to the following stores to purchase some of the best and most affordable pressure washer o-ring kits. It features durable construction and up to 1 inch in diameter.

(Please note that each o-ring kit can vary by store. Ensure you are getting the correct ones for your specific pressure washing machine).

Best places to buy pressure washer o-rings:



Home Depot

Ace Hardware Stores (or any other local hardware stores)

Pressure Washer O-Ring Kit

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