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Pressure Washing During a Drought

Pressure Washing During a Drought
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If your state is going through a drought, the last thing people want to do is pressure wash their homes and/or businesses. However, did you know there is a way to save water AND still have a clean residence and/or business? Today, we want to talk to you about efficient and waste-reducing ways for pressure washing during a drought.

Research Pressure Washing Companies

First, you will need to research pressure washing companies in your area that has pressure washing equipment with wash water recycling systems. You should be asking these companies if they follow the EPA guidelines. If they do, that means they are experience with knowing how to properly reduce the use of freshwater in pressure washing. These companies will know and understand how to save water while also providing top notch pressure washing services to get your items cleaned and perfected. Of course, one reason to pressure wash is for the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial building, but it’s also necessary to reduce the negative effect that oil, grease, dirt, dust, mold, etc can do to your building. This is why we are here to tell you that you can ensure the safety and stability of your building while also saving water in your community. 

How Does It Work?

Experienced pressure washing companies have their own water recovery equipment where they are able to funnel and collect runoff water before it enters into the main water system. This dirty water will be sent to a sanitation facility where they are able to clean the water before it is sent back into your community water system. So not only is this system conserving the water you are using but you are also able to get your building looking spotless!

Why Is It Necessary?

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Water Act allows only rainwater to enter U.S. waterways. This means that no contaminated water should be entering the storm drains (especially chemicals and soaps from pressure washing jobs). If these items were to enter our storm drains, they could end up in our drinking water which could make members in your community very sick. 

This law is a great way to ensure clean water systems in our communities but it also makes things a little trickier for pressure washing companies. Pressure washing companies need to make sure the runoff water and chemicals/soaps from their jobs are either being absorbed into the soil or gathered up after it is used. If the water is gathered up after it is used, the water should then be sent to a sanitation facility where it will be filtered and available to reuse.

Pressure Washing During a Drought
Pressure Washing During a Drought

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