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Prevent Pest Infestations by Using Professional Cleaners

Prevent Pest Infestations by Using Professional Cleaners

Did you know that spilled food, unclean work areas (keyboards, desks, phones, doors, etc) and bathrooms can attract pests? By hiring a professional cleaning service that consistently comes to clean your workspace can help prevent pest infestations. A professional knows what it takes to make sure this does not happen to you. 

Professional cleaners will focus on cleaning garbage cans and food/drink spills.

  • Garbage Cans: This is the number one cause of pest infestation. You will want to make sure your trash cans always have a lid.This can help prevent pests from being attracted to the abundance of food sources. This is why it is also important to have someone who can empty your trash bins every day. 
  • Food/Drink Spills: Pests will also be attracted to any areas where workers or customers eat any type of food. This is why all food and open beverages should be cleaned up every day to avoid pests being invited in to eat those leftovers.

Other tips to help prevent pest infestations:

  • Make sure the building exterior is maintained and does not have any areas where pests can slip in. 
  • Ensure landscaping areas are well maintained and trimmed, as these can be areas for pests to settle. 
  • Avoid moisture from getting into the building. You will want to make sure the building has proper drainage around the building and that you install gutters to channel water away from the building.
  • Keep your building exterior litter free to keep pests away.
  • Make sure if employees have food at their desks or in the breakrooms, that they securely seal and place food  in containers where pests can not get into. 
  • Declutter your office. Clutter can provide pests with the necessary items to create their own nesting grounds. Keep areas from becoming over-crowded, get rid of cardboard boxes every day, and keep items stored off the floor. ​​

How do you know if you have a pest infestation?

Always look out for these 4 things:

  1. Pest Droppings
  2. Physical Damage
  3. Dead Pests
  4. Nests
  5. Odors
  6. Tracks

A professional company will know exactly where they should be looking to find these types of items (this could be areas you never thought to look). 

Always make sure you do your research and hire a well known and highly rated commercial cleaning service. You do not want to underinvest in this area. Help keep your company’s image and a healthy work environment by hiring someone to keep those unwanted pests away.

Prevent Pest Infestations by Using Professional Cleaners

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