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Sponges, Scrubbers, or Scouring Pads?

Sponges, Scrubbers or Scoring Pads?


Sponges are made of cellulose (wooden pulp) and is mainly used to clean kitchens, windows, counter tops and restrooms. These sponges last up to 100 uses.

A negative about regular sponges is that it can harbor bacteria and can be more difficult to clean grime off of items compared to sponges like scouring pads. They are not recommended to be used in cleaning restaurants. 


  • Separate your sponges and cleaning supplies based on what they are being used for. For example, separate sponges, mops and buckets specifically for restroom areas or kitchen/break room areas. You do not want to use the same products on a toilet and a kitchen counter. 


Use scrubbers for more aggressive surfaces. Scrubbers are attached to one side of a sponge. The scrubber is both a sponge and a scouring page and can be used for cleaning harsher grim, compared to what a regular cellulose sponge can handle. Be careful not to use them on surfaces that are easily susceptible to scratches. 

Scouring Pads and Sticks

Thes pads are used for heavy duty projects. They have light, medium and heavy options, depending on the use. 

  • Lightweight pads can be used on windows 
  • Medium weight pads can be used on items like commercial kitchen equipment
  • Heavy weight pads can be used for industrial equipment
  • Extra heavy weight pads can be used on extremely dirty commercial equipment. 

Scouring pads and sticks have tough coiled fibers that are low-abrasive and can make 11 times fewer scratches and it lasts 10 times longer than other household sponges. The design allows items to be rinsed out easily. The pad can be replaced with steel wool and can be used wet or dry. 

A negative thing about scouring pads however, is that they can tend to leave behind ugly scratches on certain items so you will need to be careful on what you use it for. 

When determining what sponge or pad to use make sure you ask these specific questions: 

  • What surface will you be cleaning?
  • What areas have the roughest surfaces to clean?
  • What intensity of grain do I need them for?
  • How frequently am I using the sponge?

No matter what sponge you decide to use, you should either make sure you are replacing it frequently or cleaning them. To clean sponges they found it most effective to run it through the washing machine on the hottest setting using detergent or bleach. You can also transfer sponges used for places like the kitchen, to the bathroom where hygiene isn’t as critical.  

Sponges, Scrubbers or Scoring Pads?
Sponges, Scrubbers or Scoring Pads?

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