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Tennessee Kitchen Exhaust (Range Hood) Fire Codes

Every restaurant owner should know fire code guidelines for their commercial kitchen, especially when it comes to their exhaust system (range hoods). If these are not properly cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, this can result in a serious fire, damaging your entire kitchen and restaurant. If you do not know your state’s commercial kitchen fire codes, just read below (click on the link at the end of the summary to read about it in more detail).

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods must comply with the requirements of the International Mechanical Code.

A Type I hood must be installed at or above all commercial cooking appliances and domestic cooking appliances used for commercial purposes that creates grease vapors.

Factory-built commercial exhaust hoods that are tested in accordance with UL 710, must be listed labeled and installed correctly.

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods must comply with the requirements of this section. Hoods shall be Type I or Type II must be designed to capture and confine cooking vapors and residues

A Type II hood is not required for dishwashers and pot washers that are provided with heat and water vapor exhaust systems that are supplied by the appliance manufacturer and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Commercial cooking appliances that have a Type I hood must be provided with an approved automatic fire suppression system complying with the International Building Code and the International Fire Code.


Tennessee General Fire Codes

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