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The Pinch: Hidden Costs for Small Businesses

Whether you’re making financial projections, preparing statements or planning for growth, it’s important to know all of your pressure-washing business’s costs, whether big and small. Sometimes these can be hidden under mountains of paperwork or tucked away at the bottom of bank statements. Pressure Clean Tech offers a few for you to consider.

Business Costs

Whether your niche is pressure washing, detailing, or janitorial services, many business fees get lost in the shuffle, especially when they’re recurring or attached to a subscription.

  • Software fees are often automatically renewed on an annual basis and difficult to cancel. Make sure to check last year’s statements so these don’t get the jump on you.
  • Depending on your state laws, you may have to pay to maintain a business license or sales tax licenses, required to levy sales taxes on customers.
  • Archaic utility bills (such as for phone service) can prove hefty for small business and are often unnecessary – make sure to check your office contract to ensure that you aren’t paying them.

Personnel Costs

The people on your team or attached to your company may be carrying a price beyond their wages.

  • Gusto notes that company benefits can often be adjusted to protect your bottom line. For example, you may be able to find a health insurance provider at a reduced cost.
  • Many professional services charge a retainer fee before work has begun, if services ended up costing less than planned, the difference is refundable.
  • If you have a company card, leisure and entertainment fees can get caught up in credit. Make sure the costs of social events are tracked.
  • Instead of hiring multiple graphic designers, take advantage of free tools online. For example, you can use a free business logo design tool to create a customized logo.

Reducing Costs

It’s one thing recognizing costs, it’s another thing reducing them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • NerdWallet points out that registering as a limited liability company (LLC) can often provide tax advantages that will save you money in the long-term.
  • Some contracts/subscriptions/bills are necessary but can often be haggled down via direct contact with the provider.
  • There are an increasing number of free-to-use alternative software, and migrating your data is becoming easier and less expensive.

Pressure-washing professionals face a catalog of hidden and recurring costs. If you want to keep these under control, you’ll need to work to first identify and then reduce them.

Pressure Clean Tech is a cleaning guide for those who are looking to learn more about the pressure washing and detailing industry. They are also available to provide custom commercial pressure washers,  as well as help you purchase the best pressure washing equipment, parts and accessories for your business. Reach out today for more info! (800) 516-6229.

The Pinch: Hidden Costs for Small Businesses

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