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Tips to Cleaning a Gym

Tips to Cleaning a Gym

Cleaning Gym & Fitness Equipment

Gym users usually know the proper etiquette of using equipment, which is to make sure you ALWAYS wipe down machinery after each use. However, just wiping off sweat from equipment isn’t going to completely get rid of germs and diseases on the surface. Flu and cold germs can stay on a surface (equipment) for up to 24 hours. Other viruses like the norovirus can even stay on a surface for more than a month! This means that equipment should be wiped down and properly disinfected every day. By making sure you have disinfecting wipes and/or sprays handy, will help customers use that to wipe down equipment instead of just a plain towel.

If you are a gym owner, make sure you have a cleaning crew lined up to clean each machine on a daily basis. They should also have someone spot checking equipment throughout the day to make sure no dirt or sweat gets left behind on a piece of equipment. Make sure they are also walking around wiping down touch screens, bike handles, seats, etc.

Tips to Cleaning a Gym

Cleaning Gym Restrooms & Locker Rooms

Think of all the sweat, dirt and grime that gets dragged into a gym restroom and locker room. Especially a restroom where there may be fecal matters on surfaces from toilets flushing and shoes dragging throughout the restroom and locker room. 

Surfaces and areas in a gym restroom and locker room can become a hot spot for things like fungi, strep, and other germs. In a locker room, people are also taking hot showers which can cause moisture in the air, which can end up creating mold. 

As a gym owner you should make sure these areas are cleaned on a daily basis. Make sure cleaning crews are sweeping the floors, scrubbing showers and toilets, disinfecting handles, benches and other surfaces and cleaning any other touch point areas. 

tips to cleaning a gym

Cleaning Gym Mats and Floors

People walk around the gym, dripping sweat on gym floors and even exercise (yoga) mats. Gym owners need to make sure floors are mopped regularly, carpets are vacuumed frequently and exercise (yoga) mats are scrubbed and hosed down daily. 

Tips to Cleaning a Gym

Cleaning Gym Reception Counters and Other Surfaces

Ensure that these areas are getting wiped down and disinfected. This includes the countertops, computers, phones, printers, etc. 

Tips For Those Who Have An At Home Gym

  • Avoid cleaners that are not safe or are ineffective.
    • Make sure it is a disinfecting cleaner. 
  • Use proper cleaning technique to ensure the best results.
    • Follow the exact instructions on the label of the disinfectant or cleaner.
    • Let the cleaner/sanitizer sit for around 10-30 minutes, until completely dry.
  • Dust and vacuum equipment.
    • Dust weight, machines and cardio equipment on a weekly basis.
    • Vacuum around your equipment.
    • Do a more thorough cleaning (with disinfectant) on your gym equipment about once a week. 
  • Clean and disinfect your yoga mats.
    • Throw your mat in a bathtub and wash with soap or disinfectant. Then rinse and let it dry.
    • You could also wash it outside with a garden hose and cleaner and just let it air dry outside. 
    • If your yoga mat permits, you can simply wash it in the washing machine. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions though to ensure you don’t ruin it. 

Tips to Cleaning a Gym

Tips for Gym Attendees

  • If your gym does not offer disinfecting wipes, consider bringing your own to wipe down equipment and yoga/workout mats.
    • Make sure when you are wiping these items down, you are wiping the entire surface down and letting it dry before you use the equipment. You’ll also want to wipe down after you are done using the equipment for other users. 
    • Make sure you are bringing disinfecting wipes and not just baby wipes. 
    • Do not use these wipes on your body.

Tips to Cleaning a Gym


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