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Tips & Tricks to Pressure Washing Your Pool

Tips & Tricks to Pressure Washing Your Pool

Cleaning your swimming pool with a power washer will not only save you time and money but it will save your sanity by making it the quickest, easiest and most effective way to get your pool clean and ready for the warm weather!


5 Steps to Power Wash a Pool:


  1. Drain the pool: The first step to cleaning your pool will be to drain the pool completely. However, before you drain the pool you will need to research your local environmental codes to know where/how to drain the water. 
  2. Let the pool dry: Make sure the pool is completely dry after draining it. Once it is dry, sweep up as much dirt, foliage, bugs, and waste as you can. 
  3. Cover fixtures and furniture: You will want to cover any electrical areas (heaters, motors, etc) or furniture/items around the pool that could get damaged by water or possible flying debris. You can use tape, bags, plastic wrap, etc to cover these items
  4. Wash the pool walls: Apply the appropriate detergent (make sure to start from the bottom and work your way up). Once this has set for 10-15 minutes you will want to start adding water and start pressure washing at a low pressure (wash the walls first and then the floor). You may repeat this 2-3 times if deposits don’t completely come off the first round. You can also use a turbo nozzle to help get rid of any annoying build-up.
  5. Rinse the pool: Make sure you wash away all residue and detergent from the pool by using low pressure. 

Other Tips

  1. Make sure when you pressure wash pool tile, you are being mindful of how much pressure you use and what angle you are spraying because you want to avoid cracking the tile. 
  2. Do not use a pressure washer on vinyl or fiberglass.
  3. Be mindful of furniture, pets, family members or anything that may be fragile if there is any overspray or items that may be flying around as you power wash. 
  4. To get rid of algae, use high pressure and use household bleach (1-part bleach and 4-parts water) instead of detergent to get the algae off. 


Tips & Tricks to Pressure Washing Your Pool

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