50 High Protein Foods to Help You Hit Your Macros

These 50 HighProtein Foods Will Help You Hit Your Macros

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The Food and Drug Administration suggests that most US adults require around 50 grams (g) of protein daily. However, this total depends of your age, sex, health status, and activity levels. ( 1).

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That's about 200 to 700 calories from protein for a 2,000-calorie diet. Another way to calculate how much protein you need each day is to multiply 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. With a little math, this translates to 54 g of protein for a 150-pound female or 65 g for a 180-pound male. Here are some examples of about 10 g.

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Protein is the only macronutrient that contains nitrogen, and some studies found that when you consume more than 30 grams of protein, the amount of nitrogen in test subjects' urine increased.

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1 cup cottage cheese 4 oz chicken (about half of a chicken breast) 5 oz grass-fed steak (slightly larger than a deck of cards) 1 1/2 cups tofu 2 cups black beans 5 oz wild-caught salmon (about one.

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For a person weighing around 70kg, they'd need around 56g of protein (around 0.8g of protein per kilogram) a day. But for people looking to improve fitness and health, build muscle and recover.

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Frequent feeding teaches no more than 30-50 grams of protein per meal. Many assume that the body can't handle more than this. Find out the truth about protein digestion. One of the more common questions that many gym enthusiasts bring up is "How much protein can the body digest at one time?"

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16. Peanuts and peanut butter. Peanuts and peanut butter are packed with nutrients like protein, folate, magnesium, and vitamin E ( 43 ). Eating peanuts and peanut butter may help make you feel.

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For a 50-year-old woman who weighs 140 pounds woman and who is sedentary (doesn't exercise ), that translates into 53 grams of protein a day. During pregnancy, protein needs of women go up. Experts recommend 75 to 100 grams of protein a day for the developing fetal tissue, as well as the enlarging placental,, breasts, and blood supply.

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What It Does. Protein provides calories, or "energy" for the body. Each gram of protein provides 4 calories. Protein is a component of every cell in the human body and is necessary for proper growth and development, especially during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy. Protein helps your body build and repair cells and body tissue.

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My 6 tips to get 50g of protein per meal are: Focus on larger cuts of lean meat. Add egg whites to your egg scramble. Include protein powder in your smoothies, oatmeal, and pancakes. Add nuts and seeds to your salads and stir-fries. Choose Greek yogurt over regular yogurt. Choose high protein grains. 1.

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According to the USDA 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, women need about 46 grams of protein and men need around 56 grams of protein (but this does vary depending on how many calories you eat each day). Learn exactly how much protein you need to eat every day.

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Current U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) dietary guidelines suggest that adults should consume between 10% and 35% of their total calories from protein. To get your number and track your intake, you'll need to know how many calories you consume daily.


Commonly quoted recommendations are 56 grams/day for men, 46 grams/day for women. You could get 46 grams/day of protein in 1 serving of low-fat greek yogurt, a 4 oz. serving of lean chicken breast and a bowl of cereal with skim milk. A weight-based recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.

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Quick Overview What Does a Serving Size of Protein Look Like? The standard serving size for meat or fish is 3 ounces, which is about the size of the palm of your hand. The standard serving size for beans, legumes, and grains is around 1/2 cup or about the size of the front of your closed fist. A single serving of yogurt is equal to 1 cup.

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Bacon Per 7 thick slices: 428 calories 1.1 g carbs 33 g fat 29.3 g protein While bacon is a totally legitimate way to get protein, it also comes with a lot of calories and a lot of saturated fat. In fact, it's almost equal parts protein and fat!