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The Belgian Shepherd is an extremely intelligent but challenging breed to live with. Athletic. Agile. Graceful. Elegant. The breed is frequently in motion, often moving in quick, light-footed circles. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Ah but.. high energy means a lot of exercise is needed to stay in good condition.

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Belgian Sheepdog Puppies For Sale Hide Breed Information Breed Traits National Breed Club Description History & Job Health Rescue Personality: Bright, watchful, serious-minded Energy Level:.

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The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a majestic yet hardy dog of medium size and good proportion. Versatile and adaptable, he is quick and agile, with the endurance needed to herd flocks of sheep all day, the purpose for which he was originally bred. Ready to see what dogs fit you best? Take our short quiz to find out! Energy Level Exercise Requirements

Belgian Shepherd Puppies

The dog that was heir to the name Belgian Sheepdog was originally known as the Groenendael variation of the breed. Like all the Belgian shepherds, this was a working farm dog expected to both herd and guard. This breed differed from the others because it had a rather long, black coat. In 1910 these dogs were officially dubbed Groenendael after.

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The Belgian Shepherd is a medium- to large-sized breed in four varieties that stands between 22 and 26 inches tall, weighing 44 to 66 pounds at maturity. Males of the breed are larger than females. Temperament/Behavior. The Belgian Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed that excels in herding as well as other dog sports.

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The UKC recognizes the Belgian Shepherd dog as one dog with four varieties and has since 1991. Today, these canine partners perform many services, including acting as guard dogs, rescuers, and human's best friends. Caring for your Belgian shepherd. Dog owners can feel overwhelmed at first. Even if you did your homework and know you found the.

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4 Belgium shepherd mix puppies 10 weeks old all girls. Crate trained and very friendly. » Read more ». Gwinnett County, Lilburn, GA. Details / Contact. 7 of 16. Belgian Malinois. Extremely affectionate, cuddly, intelligent and playful dog. Fast learner with trainer treats and very intuitive..

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Jennifer Bové Updated: Nov 25, 2023 9:18 AM EST Is a Belgian Sheepdog the same as a Belgian Shepherd? Photo by Ute Becker via Pixabay Let's explore a breed that seamlessly blends elegance, intelligence, and versatility: the Belgian Sheepdog.

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Height: 22 to 26 inches Weight: 55 to 75 pounds (males); 45 to 60 pounds (females) Coat: Thick double coat with a dense undercoat and coarse outercoat Coat Color: Black Life Span: 12 to 14 years Temperament: Alert, loyal, protective, intelligent, active Hypoallergenic: No Origin: Belgium Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd

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HEIGHT: 22 to 24 inches (female), 24 to 26 inches (male) WEIGHT: 40 to 60 pounds (female), 60 to 80 pounds (male) COAT: Short, smooth double coat COAT COLOR: Fawn, mahogany, red, red sable, or fawn sable with a black mask LIFE SPAN: 14 to 16 years TEMPERAMENT: Intelligent, active, loyal HYPOALLERGENIC: No ORIGIN: Belgium

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Like the other Belgian Shepherd dogs, these pups need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy. A bored Groenendael can quickly become a destructive dog. They need room to run and a.

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About the Breed The Belgian Sheepdog is a highly trainable herder whose versatility and intelligence is the stuff of canine legend. This is a breed built for hard work, and plenty of it. These.

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22-26" family Livestock The Belgian Malinois is a sturdy dog of square proportion with moderately heavy, but oval, bone. This breed is elegant, with very proud head carriage. The overall impression is of power without bulkiness. The gait is smooth and easy, seemingly effortless rather than hard driving.

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American Belgian Malinois Rescue, Inc Web Site at RescueGroups. PO Box 847 Stevens Point, WI 54481 abmr.rescue Shea - OH Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Search Our Website: Enter keywords, and GO! Welcome To ABMR. About Us. Contact Information. If you are considering a Malinois as a family companion these "Ready made dogs" may prove.

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What is a Belgian Shepherd? Belgian Shepherd traits Nickname: Belgian Sheepdog Breed Group: Herding Height: 22-26 inches Weight: 45-65 pounds Lifespan: 12-14 years Belgian Shepherd characteristics Lifespan 5 yrs 20 yrs Grooming needs Occasionally Frequently

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The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized athletic breed with a body built for endurance, they typically stand between 56 and 66 centimetres (22 and 26 in) with bitches being on average 4 centimetres (1.6 in) shorter than dogs, they usually weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms (44 and 66 lb); the breed standard states the ideal height is 62 centimetre.