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Thetford C200CW Caravan Motorhome Manual Cassette Toilet

A Cassette Toilet is a popular portable toilet used in RVs, campervans, and other recreational vehicles.It consists of two main parts: the toilet bowl and the waste-holding cassette.. The toilet bowl functions similarly to a regular flush toilet, while the waste-holding cassette is a removable tank that stores the waste until you need to empty it.

Thetford® Cassette™ C402C Medium Gray Plastic Removable Cassette BuiltIn Toilet

A cassette toilet is an RV toilet permanently installed with a detachable portable holding tank with wheels like a suitcase. It is installed closer to the wall of the RV or boat to allow the holding tank to be easily removed and reattached through an exterior door.

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It consists of two primary components: the toilet bowl and the cassette toilet holding tank. The toilet bowl, which resembles a standard household toilet, is where users deposit waste. Beneath the toilet bowl is the cassette tank, a portable and removable container designed to hold waste and water.

RV Cassette Toilet Pros and Cons Truck Camper Adventure

A cassette toilet is a permanent toilet with a portable black tank. This toilet system has been widely used in European RVs for decades. It's becoming more popular in North America as more Class B RV manufacturers are using them in their camper vans. A popular alternative to the cassette toilet is the portable camping toilet.

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Cassette Toilets Sort By: We stock cassette toilets from both of the major manufacturers; Thetford and Dometic. These are exactly the same toilets that you find in a Brand New Caravan or Motorhome and can be retro fitted to update your vehicle, or even built into a new conversion.

Dometic CTS 4110 Caravan Motorhome Cassette Ceramic Toilet

The Product Before delving into the pros and cons of the cassette toilet, it will be helpful to learn more about its capabilities and features. Inside the camper, the Thetford C402C Cassette Toilet looks and works like any other RV toilet, the only difference being that the cassette toilet is mounted atop a bench seat.

Best Cassette Toilet For Campers A Cassette Camping Toilet Guide

View Product C403L Cassette® View Product Dealer and Service Locator Combine the comfort of a permanent RV toilet with the conveninence of having a removable holding tank. This is Thetford's Cassette Toilet.

Thetford C402CL RV SelfContained Cassette Toilet Electric Flush LH Cassette Waste tanks

The 5.3 gallon Camco cassette toilet measures 16 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 15.5 inches tall. The toilet seat is around 13 inches wide and long. It's a little shorter than a standard toilet seat but just as wide. The flushing system uses water so there's a 2.5 gallon fresh water tank on the unit as well.

Thetford 32812 C402C 5.1 Gallon Electric Flush Cassette RV Toilet with Right Hand Flush

For our purposes, a cassette toilet refers to a model that permanently attaches to your RV and includes a removable holding tank. We'll refer to portable toilets as those that remain mobile and can be used inside or outside of your camper.

Thetford C262CWE Caravan Campervan Motorhome Swivel Cassette Toilet

Best Portable Cassette Toilets For Campervans, RVs and Campers Story by Outside Nomad • 9mo Products mentioned in this article Serenelife Portable Toilet With Carry Bag - Indoor Outdoor.

Thetford C200CW Caravan Motorhome Manual Cassette Toilet

Cassette toilets in campers have a smaller capacity than a regular black tank. One big reason for this is it must be small enough for a regular person to lift when full. Generally, camper cassette toilets hold from 4 to 5 gallons. Regular black tanks usually hold anywhere between 15 gallons to 45+ gallons.

Thetford C402C RV Cassette Toilet Campervan HQ

#1: Enough Capacity? At first, the capacity threw us for a loop. I mean, c'mon, a five-gallon tank? For two adults? All we could think about was how often we might need to dump it. We weren't terribly thrilled locating dump sites for our 11-gallon black tank in the Travato. The cassette would hold less than half of that capacity. #2: How to Dump?

Cassette toilet C263CS electrical flush, ceramic white Thetford Toilet / Dometic Toilet

A cassette toilet is designed specifically for RVs and campers. It's smaller and more compact than a traditional toilet. It stores all of its waste in a portable cassette that can be taken out for dumping at public restrooms or dump stations when needed.

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A cassette toilet is a small toilet popular in smaller RVs and campervans. You use the toilet just as you would a regular toilet, and all the waste goes into a small holding tank. You then remove the waste holding tank, wheel it over to a public restroom or dump station, and dump your waste.

Review of the Thetford RV Cassette Toilet Truck Camper Adventure

Unlike other plumbed toilets, a cassette toilet eliminates the need for a larger black water holding tank or any RV plumbing. It is also much more convenient to install and use than a regular composting toilet. The Best Cassette Toilets for Campervans Reviewed Cassette Toilet options can vary in price and features.