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22m. A jealous sculptor in love with Ladybug akumatizes into Copycat, a duplicate of Cat Noir who tries to take his rival's place by Ladybug's side. 6. The Pharaoh. 22m. When a villain with the power of the ancient Egyptian gods wants to sacrifice Alya, Ladybug and Cat Noir must fight an army of mummies to rescue her.

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212 DarkCommander02 OP • 4 yr. ago Oh, yes, I like Adrien way more than Félix. I'm just saying that in the PV version, he is not evil and manipulative as in the ep "Félix". He just has no social skills and is rude to others. Ven1990 • 4 yr. ago I thought they said they dropped Félix since he seemed like a very generic emo anime boy.

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Not much it's known about Félix's relationship with his father.

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Félix Argos Flairmidable Character Information Full name: Félix Fathom Graham de Vanily Other names: Adrien The fake Adrien Species: Sentimonster Human Age: 13-15 Occupation: Student (graduated) Supervillain (Formerly; Pre-Emotion) Superhero ("Pretension" onwards) Likes: The Graham de Vanily Twin Rings Cosplaying as Adrien

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Felix Graham de Vanily is the heir apparent of the famous family of actresses from England. He was once a playful companion of Adrien Agreste and Chloe Bourgeois, but they grew apart early on prior to a number of changes in their lives that included the death of his father.. The part where it was talking about the Miraculous Ladybug PV was.

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Watch this clip from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Season 5 Episode 19, "Pretension"! When Kagami gains the courage to talk to her mother, the co.

Felix Graham de Vanily Miraculous Ladybug S3 Felix in 2020 Miraculous characters

Voiced by: Bryce Papenbrook (EN), Benjamin Bollen (FR) Foreign VAs "When you bring a living being into this world, you have a responsibility towards them. Your duty is to protect them, love them, help them discover the true meaning of their existence. To deprive them of that. is monstrous." Adrien's cousin, whom he hasn't seen in a year.

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MIRACULOUS | 🐞 FELIX - OFFICIAL TRAILER 🐞 | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Miraculous Ladybug 8.49M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed K Share 1.6M views 3 years ago #MiraculousLadybug.

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Félix Fathom Alias (es) Adrien Agreste Cheese Murderer (by Plagg) Argos Flairmidable Origin Miraculous Ladybug Occupation Student (graduated) Supervillain (formerly) Superhero Powers / Skills Pick-pocketing Magic tricks Karate Playing chess Basketball Empathy and telepathy Flairmidable's Fetch (temporarily)

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Félix Fathom is a teenage boy and the cousin of Adrien Agreste . Contents 1 Before Season 1 2 Season 3 3 Season 4 4 Season 5 Before Season 1 Félix was born in London to British aristocrat Lady Amelie Graham de Vanily and the late American billionaire Colt Fathom.

Felix render Miraculous heroes, Miraculous ladybug and cat noir, Felix miraculous

Félix eventually recovers the Peacock Miraculous, and in exchange, Gabriel gains access to most of the other Miraculous jewels, renaming himself "Monarch". Ladybug and Cat Noir once again become the only two heroes, luckily they recover the Rabbit Miraculous, and gives it to Alix, to become "Bunnix" to who which they encountered her future self.

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Jämför pris på produkter och återförsäljare inom Det Som Intresserar Dig. Lägst pris på Miraculous Ladybug Leksaker via Pricerunner.

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Disney Channel Adrien's cousin Félix sows discord between Adrien and his friends; Alya, Rose and Juleka get akumatized into the Punishers Trio; Ladybug and Cat Noir must stop the three villains and reason with Félix. Emilie that Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses will soon be his.

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Félix is a Human Sentimonster. Félix transforms into Argos, using the kwami Duusu and Peacock Miraculous. At one point in season five, he eventually uses the special power of the Peacock Miraculous, amokization, and creates a moon sentimonster, Red Moon.