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Domestic discipline (Christian domestic discipline) is a heterosexual marriage lifestyle that encourages the husband (who is considered the head of the household, or HoH) to spank his wife for mistakes or misbehavior. Domestic discipline is based on an interpretation of the Bible that sanctions a husband's dominance and a wife's submission.

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As a result, my wife and I discovered we agreed there were times when women needed to be put over a man's knee and spanked. Subsequently, during the course of our dating, we arrived at one of those times. We talked about it and agreed the time had come. My wife was thoroughly cooperative as I positioned her over my knee.


For a beginner, you don't want anything that's too solid or too flexible. In fact, just your hand would do quite nicely. Start by 'warming up' the area; massage it, squeeze it, tap it.

10 of the Most Popular Sexual Fetishes Daily Star

How To Punish A Very, Very Bad Girl. The trick is not to hurt her, at least not too much. You want to excite her. The point is to make her see how much she wants you and how willing she is to behave in order to get you. You should start by telling her, "I need to punish you.". This lets her know that you are in charge, you are not asking.

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229 - Caned on Christmas! i think it's been nearly a year ago that we bought a cane. When i say we, i really mean ME! i was fascinated by it and wanted to know what it felt like. i wanted to know if it was better, worse, or just different than the paddle. i asked David if i could buy one and he agreed. If i remember correctly, his words were.

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Dear Readers, I greatly appreciate all of the support and encouragement you have offered as I work on rebuilding my website. Thanks to much help from a reader in Texas, who knows the tech end of things, my new website for Spank Your Wife is up and running.

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6. The Panty-warming: At this time, your outer-garment will have been raised, or lowered, Naughty Lady, and, your panty covered full bottom will be exposed to both my eyes and will be quite vulnerable to the firm hand (at the minimum) that I am using on your shapely, under-spanked, derriere'. The scolding continues.

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It is worth a wait to find time to give her one. Whether you find the wait short or long, a wife should make full use of it, fully own up to her bad behavior, learn real regret, and deeply show her desire to do better. Thanks for reading Aron's Substack! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

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My wife would spank me like that with absolutely no remorse. I just have to get through the fear. My wife has spanked me very hard in our time together, so I know spanking hurts. 0. Reply. Joey. Author. Reply to David . 3 years ago. I totally get what you're saying. I had thought about approaching my wife with the idea of real DD spankings.

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This guide alone is fairly long, and it's a judgment call which pieces to include, but I think it can be a help to those looking for how to start. I've got some articles on the reasons for wife spanking, the benefits of the practice, how to begin, as well as many on the simple mechanics of it. I don't want visitors to get overwhelmed by.

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Pick something that you know will snap you out of an Inception -ish sex fugue, like "hedgehog," "Ralph Lauren," or "La Croix." While choosing a safe word is super-fun (like naming a puppy!), with.

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Whenever Brandi slips up or steps out of line, partner Laz punishes her with discipline methods like spankings or making her write lines. Now, you might be wondering, what on earth could compel a modern woman to submit to such an arrangement? Isn't this abuse? Why would a husband ever want to hurt his wife if he truly loved her?

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For days after my bottom is sore and reminds me constantly of being so naughty that a severe spanking was the only natural and suitable consequence. It is dreadfully painful every time it happens but I realise that I do not get spanked unless I deserve it and I also know that the spankings both as punishment and attitude adjustment are a very.

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Impact play, simply put, refers to any form of impact on the body for sexual gratification purposes. Many sexual partners practice impact play the most common way, through spanking, but those.


Of course, when you spank him right before sex—when punish him and crank him up—there's something "in it" for you right away, i.e. you're going to have sex immediately after and he's going to get.

Spanking A history of physical discipline CNN

Part 1 Disciplining Non-violently Download Article 1 Start small. Don't immediately hit your child if you see them doing something you dislike. Talk to them first, and try a non-violent method of discipline. If you decide to spank a child, it should only be as a last resort, after all other methods have failed.