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German Shepherd 1. Tibetan Mastiff The Most Expensive Dog In The World Protect Your Investment Why Are Some Dogs More Expensive Than Others? Typically, the highest prices paid are for pure breeds.

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RECOMMENDED: 31 German Shepherd Mixes 43. Samoyed Estimated Price: $600 - $1,500 The Samoyed is a dog breed that's relatively rare. Expect to pay close to $1000 USD for a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. With this price, you'll be left little for the groomers ( they shed a lot! ).

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14. English Bulldog - $2,000 Costing up to $4,000 to buy, the English bulldog costs a lot more to look after. These popular dogs are plagued with health issues such as hip dysplasia, cherry eye and overheating. Some experts put medical costs for bulldog owners at between $400 to $700 each year.

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The next spot on the list of the most expensive dog breeds in the world goes to the Akita Inu—the largest of the six native Japanese Spitz breeds. The Akita Inu dog breed originated in Japan and was bred to serve as a working dog and hunting dog—it was predominantly used to hunt deer, elk, and black bears.. Today, Akita Inus are used as Japanese police dogs and are kept by families as.

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The 20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds. 1. Tibetan Mastiff - $3,000+. Image Credit: Sergey Lavrentev, Shutterstock. The Tibetan Mastiff occupies the top spot on this list. Native to China and Nepal, these enormous creatures previously guarded their owner's homes against wolves.

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The most expensive dog breeds tend to be rare, purebred dogs who come from show-winning bloodlines. Expensive dog breeds also require more grooming, training and medical visits over the course of their lifetimes. If you've got your heart set on one of these breeds, start saving now. Let's define "expensive"

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Originally developed for big game hunting, due to its muscular stature, Dogo Argentinos are one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Their muscular body allows the doggo to hunt wild hogs in South America and Asia mainly. First bred in 1928, the Dogo Argentino's main ancestors are the extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog and the Great Dane.

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Nowadays, the St. Bernard breed is known as one of the most expensive dogs because they are extremely calm dogs despite their size and stature. Most St. Bernard's can weigh between 120 to 200 pounds, fully grown, but these gentle giants are great companions and they fit the bill of being a family dog.

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There are many ways a dog can be expensive. From extensive training in the puppy stages to hereditary health issues that could drain your savings, discovering what breed makes the world's most expensive dog is more complicated than just looking at the cost to bring them home.

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19. Lakeland Terrier -$2,000 The Lakeland Terrier takes its name from its place of origin, the Lake District in England. Generally speaking, the dog is small to mid-sized and weighs around about 7-8Kg. It's mostly hypo-allergenic, which means it doesn't shed is hair as much as other dog breeds, and is a great family companion.

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What are the top 10 most expensive dogs? Fetching for a high price tag? Here are the top 10 most expensive dogs and their average prices, according to Reader's Digest: Tibetan mastiff.

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The 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world There are surprisingly many great and also expensive dog breeds. The cost of a dog can vary greatly. Some dog breeds are particularly sought after because of their appearance, rarity or characteristics. That lets the prices partly rise up to five-digit ranges or even higher.

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Popular breeds like Mastiffs and Saint Bernards make the list. We analyzed filings made by pet insurance companies to state departments of insurance to find their breed pricing groups. 20 Most.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the captivating world of the 25 most expensive dog breeds, examining their approximate price range, life span, and the fascinating characteristics that set them apart from other breeds.. As you explore this diverse array of canines, you'll discover the enchanting stories, striking appearances, and distinctive abilities that make these breeds.

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The most expensive dog ever sold was a red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash going for some $1.5 million! Tibetan Mastiff. Source: 2. French Bulldog. The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds, and it's no surprise why. These little bundles of joy are incredibly charming and make wonderful companions.

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1. Tibetan Mastiff Average Tibetan Mastiff cost: $3,000-$5,000 If the price of a dog were based on weight, pound for pound, the Tibetan Mastiff would be a front runner for sure. Case in point, a.