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Tsuru (つる) Vice-Admiral Tsuru (つる中将 Tsuru Chūjō) the "Great Tactician" (大参謀 Dai-Sanbō) is one of Sengoku's direct subordinates at the base in the Sanctuary of Marie Joie. She is an elderly woman, similar in appearance to Dr. Kureha, but older-looking (and probably younger). She was present for the gathering of the.

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Vice Admiral Tsuru and Sengoku in the New World HD One piece episode 740 Replay TV 6.23K subscribers 11M views 7 years ago One Piece Episode 740 Scene Sengoku with Tsuru - This video is.


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Kawamatsu (One Piece) O-Tsuru (One Piece) Tattoos. Kozuki Clan. I've wondered exactly when the Akazaya and Izo got the Kozuki Crest tattooed on their backs so thought of some headcanons! Takes place sometime in the past and they're all younger than they appear during the Acts 1 & 2. Part 2 of Akazaya Headcanons.

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One Piece add Supporting Mangaography One Piece add Supporting Member Favorites: 0 Details Clubs Pictures Top > Characters > O-Tsuru O-Tsuru (お鶴) O-Tsuru is a tea house owner who lives in the Kuri region in Wano Country. Voice Actors Kakinuma, Shino Japanese Landresse, Sophie French Endrenyi, Hope English Top Anime Sousou no Frieren

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5History Merchandise Tsuru is a tall, thin, and elderly woman with gray hair tied in a bun. Her attire appears to be less formal than the other high-ranking officers', consisting of an untucked shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and a tie around her neck, and calves-long pants, which makes her somewhat resemble the animal of her name, the .

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The Wano Country arc in One Piece featured powerful female characters who made a name for themselves in the war and climbed to prominence. Characters like Kurozumi Higurashi, Otsuru, and Wanda.

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Tsuru, the Vice Admiral of the Marine, is a character in the popular manga and anime series One Piece. She is known for her calm and strategic persona, which makes her one of the most respected figures within the Marine hierarchy. Tsuru possesses a unique ability called the "Wash-Wash" ability, which further enhances her standing among her peers.

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the thing that makes me question tsurus strenght is that when we look at at her, garp and sengoku and which pirates they where fighting. garp fought roger. sengoku whitebeard. but this is where their biggest diffrences is tsuru fought doflamingo. i know doffy was afraid of her but i think she was under admiral level like a yonko commander.

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Tsuru spot Grand Chief of Staff[1] Classes admiral birthday March 26 ( Aries)[2] age 74 → 76[3] height 204cm[4] blood type type X[5] place of origin north blue[6] Family Relations granddaughter kuzaku Your favorite foods tea and sweets[7] motto clean justice[8] ability superhumanwash wash berries Pae-ki(Armed color, knowledgeable color) belong

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One Piece 3D2Y: Overcoming Ace's Death! Luffy's Pledge to His Friends (2019 TV Show) Tsuru . Juli Erickson. Minori Matsushima. One Piece Film Z (2014 Movie) Tsuru . Juli Erickson . Minori Matsushima. One Piece: Strong World Episode 0 (2010 TV Show) Tsuru. Minori Matsushima. One Piece (2004 TV Show) Tsuru. Wendy Powell.

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Debut: Chapter 966 ( cover) Affiliations: Marines ( SWORD) Occupations: Rear Admiral Status: Alive Devil Fruit Japanese Name: Muchi Muchi no Mi English Name: Whip-Whip Fruit Meaning: Whip Type: Paramecia

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O-Tsuru - Spoilers. So I am a week to week manga reader (caught up current chapter) and am just now watching the Wano anime. While rewatching during episode 900 OTsuru mentions her and Kiku just got to the town (Leftovers town) about a month ago. She specifically says she is new to the town and then separately mentions Kiku arriving as well.

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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen. Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season. One Piece. Horimiya: Piece. Holo no Graffiti.

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お鶴 Nama Roman: O-Tsuru Nama Inggris Resmi: Otsuru Debut: Chapter 912; Episode 897 Pekerjaan: Tea House Owner; Waitress (Former) Kediaman: Okobore Town, Kuri, Negeri Wano Alias: Tsurujo (鶴女 Tsurujo?, VIZ Media: Miss Tsuru) Status: Hidup Usia: 55 Ulang Tahun: 15 September Tinggi: 191 cm (6'3") Golongan Darah: F

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Debut: Chapter 656; Episode 580 Affiliations: Kozuki Family; Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance; Nine Red Scabbards Occupations: Samurai; Retainer of the Kozuki Family; Leader of the Nine Red Scabbards; Thief (former) Origin: Grand Line ( Wano Country) Residence: Wano Country ( Kuri) Epithet: "Foxfire Kin'emon" (狐火の錦えもん, Kitsune-bi no Kin'emon?)