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A Goofy Movie is a 1995 animated film from Disney, starring, of course, Goofy. It's a loose Spin-Off of Goof Troop, making it the only other feature film spin-off of a show from The Disney Afternoon after DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.

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Directed by Kevin Lima Produced by Dan Rounds Written by Jymn Magon Chris Matheson Brian Pimental Starring Jason Marsden Bill Farmer Jim Cummings Kellie Martin Rob Paulsen Tevin Campbell Music by Carter Burwell Editor (s)

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A Goofy Movie › Roxanne. Roxanne. Kellie Martin is the voice of Roxanne in A Goofy Movie, and Kaori Aso is the Japanese voice. Movie: A Goofy Movie Franchise: Disney. Incarnations View all 2 versions of Roxanne on BTVA. Roxanne VOICE . Kellie Martin. Kaori Aso. Manuela Couto. Dominika Ostalowska.

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A Goofy Movie Jump to Edit Summaries When Max makes a preposterous promise to a girl he has a crush on, his chances to fulfilling it seem hopeless when he is dragged onto a cross-country trip with his embarrassing father, Goofy. It's the last day of school, and Max wants to catch the eye of Roxanne, one of the more attractive girls in school.

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19K 753K views 5 years ago.more.more SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmvAfter loving the relationship of Max and Roxanne in A Goofy, Isaac looks through sequels, shows, Christmas.

A Goofy Movie Roxanne disney

Roxanne (A Goofy Movie) | Heroes Wiki | Fandom in: Female, Animals, Honorable, and 23 more Roxanne (A Goofy Movie) Sign in to edit Hero Overview Gallery Do-Gooder Full Name Roxanne Goof Alias (es) Dolores (from the demo version of On the Open Road) Roxy (by Max in House of Mouse) Origin A Goofy Movie Occupation Student at Spoonerville High

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A Goofy Movie is a 1995 American animated musical comedy - adventure film produced by Disney MovieToons and Walt Disney Television Animation. Directed by Kevin Lima, the film is based on The Disney Afternoon television series Goof Troop created by Robert Taylor and Michael Peraza Jr., and serves as a standalone follow-up to the show.

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A Goofy Movie (1995) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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A Goofy Movie was Walt Disney's standalone follow-up movie for Goof Troop. These are the voices behind the characters and where they are now.. Roxanne. Much of Max's actions in A Goofy Movie.

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Movie Info. Though Goofy always means well, his amiable cluelessness and klutzy pratfalls regularly embarrass his awkward adolescent son, Max. When Max's lighthearted prank on his high-school.

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Roxanne is an anthropomorphic female dog and the tritagonist of Disney's animated film A Goofy Movie (1995), where she served as the love interest to Max Goof. Roxanne is a student from Max's high school. She is very beautiful, popular, kind, and friendly, as well as forgiving as shown in the end. Roxanne is best friends with Stacey, the student body president. The film reveals that Max has.

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A Goofy Movie (1995) Kellie Martin: Roxanne Showing all 20 items Jump to: Photos (17) Quotes (3) Photos Quotes Roxanne : Go on, go on. Good daddy. Roxanne : Have a great time at the concert, Max. I'll see you on TV. Max : [to himself] I'm in deep sludge.

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Roxanne is Max Goof 's girlfriend and the tritagonist of Disney's animated film A Goofy Movie. She is an anthropomorphic dog who is a kind, caring and thoughtful individual. Categories. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Roxanne is Max Goof's girlfriend and the tritagonist of Disney's animated film A Goofy Movie.

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Why wasn't Roxanne in An Extremely Goofy Movie? Question I just showed my nephews A Goofy Movie and its sequel last night for the first time and I realized Extremely Goofy Movie doesn't even reference Roxanne at all. Does anyone know why they did this? Was it just because it was a less-popular sequel or something else?

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1:17:43 A Goofy Movie by Mike Hang Publication date 2021-01-29 Topics A Goofy Movie, Disney Plus Language English Goofy is the single father of his 14-year-old son Max Goof, although the two have a tense relationship.

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A Goofy Movie "House of Mouse" Episode "Max's Embarssing Date""Ducktales Reboot" Episode "Quackpack" prom photo cameo"Mickey Saves Christmas" Cameo / Background Character/ No Voice Role Voice kellie martin (the goofy movie) grey delisle (the house of mouse) Age 14 "A Goofy Movie"