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Primrose White flowers for winter Camellia sasanqua Camellia sasanqua 'Kenkyo' Camellia sasanqua flowers in in November and December when there are very few flowers elsewhere in the garden. Its foliage is evergreen, giving year-round interest. Grow in acid soil or in a pot filled with ericaceous compost. Height x Spread: 3m x 3m

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Dahlia These flowers are planted in the spring after the last frost for a summer display of large, multi-petaled blooms. They come in various colors including white. Dig them up and store them after the first few frosts. Plant in full sun. Needs moist, well-drained soil. Grows in zones 8-10. Petunias

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Although these tiny white flowers and thin, wispy stems look delicate, they are quite resilient in the landscape. Plants thrive in dry, average soil, but this plant prefers alkaline conditions, making it ideal for rock gardens. 'Bristol Fairy' is a reliable performer and will bloom from April until the end of summer.

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15 Beautiful White Flowering Perennials for Your Garden 1. English Rose 'Claire Austin' (Rosa 'Claire Austin') 2. Gardenia 'Aimee' (Gardenia Jasminoides 'Aimee') 3. Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale) 4. Sword Lily 'White Prosperity' (Gladiolus 'White Prosperity') 5. Nyman's Hybrid Eucryphia (Eucryphia X Nimansensis 'Nymansay') 6.

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Justin Hancock. This smaller cousin to the pansy offers masses of tiny, delicate perennial flowers that bloom from spring to fall under the right circumstances. Violas bloom in various colors, including white, blue, purple, yellow, and many color mixes. They add perky color to spring container gardens and window boxes.Violas are best planted in a spot shaded from the afternoon sun because.

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Astilbe These feathery flowers add texture and color to your garden. Scientific name: Astilbe The beautiful Astilbe plant has spikey flowers that range in color from white to dark purple. There are many varieties of this flower, some with straight stems and others with arching stems.

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Thinking of planting some white flowers in your home garden? Between annuals and perennials, there are a wide variety of white flowers that will liven up your yard, or provide some balance to a brightly colored flower garden. In this massive guide, we take a look at over 50 of our favorite white flowers, with names and pictures of each!

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Gardenia Gardenias, with their snowy white, rose-like blossoms, are quintessential white perennials and a favorite among gardeners. The plants themselves are attractive, standing about two feet tall and boasting thick, glossy leaves. It is the flowers, however, that steal the show.

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Use a carpet of white as a ground cover in a trouble area. Phlox White Flame, 'Phlox paniculata', is an ideal ground cover with an abundance of white, pristine flowers and a thick mat of foliage. Clematis, especially the Clematis Candida, is a vigorous grower and provides large pure white flowers.

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The stunning flowers complement the lush, glossy green foliage. Camellia shrubs grow between 10 and 13 ft. (3 - 4 m) tall and 5 to 10 ft. (1.5 - 3 m) wide. Species of the white flowering shrubs grow various sizes of showy flowers, with some being as small as 1.5" (4 cm). Flowers on camellia shrubs bloom for up to four weeks.

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75 Popular Types of White Flowers: 1. Bellflowers (Campanula) About: More than 500 species and countless subspecies of flowering plants belong to the Campanula genus within the Campanulaceae plant family.

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1 Sweet Alyssum Pollinators adore the tiny blooms of sweet alyssum; you'll adore the honey-sweet scent. This annual looks lovely cascading from containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets, or tucked into a rock garden as a flowering ground cover.

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Swamp rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) is a species of hibiscus that grows in ditches, marshes, wet prairies, and very shallow ponds or rivers, explains New Moon Nursery. A tall-growing wildflower, the swamp rose mallow is known for its 4- to 12-inch white flowers, which may occasionally also be rose, yellow, or pink. Bloom Season: Summer

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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Height: 60-90 cm (24-36 inches) Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade. 10. Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) A perennial flower with small, bell-shaped flowers in shades of white. It's known for its sweet fragrance. You'll often see it in cut flower arrangements. But be careful.

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16. Perennial Tickseed. Perennial tickseed ( Coreopsis lanceolata) or lance-leaved coreopsis thrives in the poorest of soil, provided it drains well. With slender stems and bright yellow-orange blossoms, tickseed is a low-maintenance, sun-lover that performs beautifully in mixed beds and borders.

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If you are looking to fill your garden with white plants, here is a list of 15 perennials to help get you started. 2. 'Firefly Diamond' Achillea (Yarrow) Ivory white flowers contrast beautifully with its dark green foliage. Upright, columnar habit. Flowers remain attractive as they age. Full Sun | Zones 3-8 | Blooms Early to Late Summer Learn More