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The Weimaraner is a beautiful and athletic dog breed from Germany with a steel gray coat. They're known for their oversized floppy ears and soulful eyes, usually in a shade of blue, that resemble the features of a bloodhound.Originally bred to be a sportsman's companion for hunting deer, bears, and wolves, the Weimaraner—sometimes known as Weim or the "gray ghost"—is a versatile dog breed.

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Today, the Long-haired Weimaraner is a highly sought-after breed that's hard to find but makes a great companion once you pay the steep price to acquire one for yourself. Formal Recognition of Long-haired Weimaraners. The Weimaraner was formally recognized by the AKC in 1943 after being smuggled out of Germany by some devotees of the breed.

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A long hair Weimaraner typically has both an undercoat and an overcoat. Their coat will lie flat, but they tend to have some feathering along the lower chest, belly, and legs. Hair tends to get longer around the neck, ears, and shoulders. A long hair Weimaraner tail also has a feathered, plume-like appearance, and they normally are not docked.

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General: A medium to large size hunting dog. Functional working type, pleasing in shape, sinewy and very muscular. Difference in type between dogs and bitches easily distinguished. Important proportions: - Length of body to height at withers approximately 12:11

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Weimaraner pups in Australia vary considerably in price, depending on pedigree, but can cost up to $3000. Do Weimaraners shed hair? Weimaraners are generally considered a low shedding breed. A gentle brush once a week with a grooming glove or bristle brush is ideal. Are Weimaraners good pets? Weimaraners make absolutely beautiful pets.

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They are large dogs: males between 59 - 70 cms at the shoulder, 30 - 40 kgs. females between 57 - 65 cms, 25 - 35 kgs. The longhair and shorthair varieties are physically the same except for the length of the hair. In many countries long and short haired dogs are bred together to increase the gene pool. The coat on the body is usually 3 - 5 cms.

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On average, a long-haired Weimaraner puppy can cost between $1,500 and $2,000. Smaller breeders tend to charge more, but they also—generally—bring up their puppies with closer and more personal care.

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The Weimaraner is a relatively young breed of hunting dog and dates back to the early 19th century. Historians believe the Weimaraner's early ancestors can be traced back to the Red Schweisshunden dog, whose genetic recessive red and tan colour was responsible for producing the unique silver-taupe colour of the Weimaraner hunting hound.

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Apart from the short-haired Weimaraner, a long-haired variety occurred, if only singly, since the turn of the 20th century. Since being admitted to the stud book, the Weimaraner has been pure bred, remaining mostly free from crosses with any other breeds, in particular, Pointers.

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Welcome to the fascinating world of the Long Haired Weimaraner! Have you ever been captivated by the beauty of this stunning variation of the Weimaraner

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At that time one couldn't breed them with shorthairs so Libby was sent to Perth to be bred to another Spectral dog "Spectral Beau Brummel CD (Imp NZ)" with a litter of 7 long hairs resulting on the 23rd Feb.1979 .This was the first full long haired litter ever bred in Australia and the experience started our love affair with the variety.

Weimaraner long hair Long Haired Weimaraner Pinterest Hair, Long hair and Weimaraner

Height — 23-27 inches. Life span — 10 to 13 years. Breed Temperament — Smart, energetic, loving. Coat length & texture — Short, smooth hair except in long-haired Weims. Coat color — Weimaraner puppies are often born brindled. However, the breed standard indicates that all adults have a solid coat in one of three colors: blue, gray, or.

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03 5348 6710 Message: Send Message Web : https://www.bromhund.com.au/ Bromhund Weimaraners est. in 1972 we have been breeding, working and exhibiting Weimaraner and Weimaraner Longhairs for 51 years.

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The long-haired Weimaraner is a variation of the breed with a recessive gene, making it rare. It has a long, silky coat in contrast to the more well-known short-haired Weimaraner. The coat can be straight or wavy with blue, gray, or silver-gray coloring. Why Are Long Haired Weimaraners Rare? Long hair is a recessive genetic trait in the breed.

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Description Short-haired Weimaraner Appearance The Weimaraner is athletic in appearance. Traditionally, the tail is docked. However, dogs need the tail wag to keep the health of their s glands.

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The short-haired Weimaraner is the most common type - with a coat similar to the German Shorthaired Pointer coat. This needs very little to no grooming. There is also a long haired Weimaraner, which will need regular brushing. Official Colors. There are three different and equally acceptable descriptions of the silver gray color recognized by.