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Using a Pressure Washer to Kill Weeds

Using a Pressure Washer to Kill Weeds

Are you tired of getting on your hands and knees to kill those annoying weeds in your front yard and back yard? Stop hurting your back and using those harmful chemicals by switching to using a pressure washer to remove those weeds. 

Using a pressure washer is a more effective, easier and an affordable way to get rid of those pesky weeds. 

Steps to Eliminating Weeds With a Pressure Washer: 

Pull those large weeds out of the ground by hand. 

Once those long weeds are removed by hand, use the pressure washer around the stones to remove the rest of the weeds growing out.

You will want to remove the debris and sand from the joints. Make sure you are being gentle around the bedding layer that the pavers rest on, because you can eliminate and damage the sand or material that is holding it together.

Once you have removed the weeds with the pressure washer, we recommend using a paving sealer. Paving sealers will set your joint sand and will stop the damage done if a pressure washer is used to remove weeds. 

If you are washing any areas that have brick, make sure to replace the sand or sediment you eliminated with the pressure washer. 

Using a Pressure Washer to Kill Weeds
Tips to Getting Rid of Weeds With a Pressure Washer:

To make things easier and more effective, try pulling the largest weeds by hand. These weeds can oftentimes be a little more difficult to remove with the pressure washer. 

Do not use a pressure washer to remove weeds on a consistent basis because it can tend to cause long-term damage. An example of damage that would happen would be removing/eliminating sand or any other sediment that is used between bricks or other material. 

  • If you see the sand and sediment being removed, you can make sure to replace it after it has been cleaned by the pressure washer.
  • Replacing the sand can make the area a “less” habitable area for future weeds, which will also make it less inviting for weeds to grow back. 

Use a paving sealer after you have eliminated the weeds from the pressure washer. 

Be cautious on how often you use the pressure washer because it can lead to loss of strength in the ground which can cause sinking of the paving. 

When you have a lot of brick around your property, they may make the your property look beautiful, but it is also very easy for weeds to infiltrate and start growing between the bricks. If you let it grow too long, it can tend to make it very hard for you to remove it later on. 

Using a Pressure Washer to Kill Weeds
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