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Vermont Kitchen Exhaust (Range Hood) Fire Codes

Every restaurant owner should know fire code guidelines for their commercial kitchen, especially when it comes to their exhaust system (range hoods). If these are not properly cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, this can result in a serious fire, damaging your entire kitchen and restaurant. If you do not know your state’s commercial kitchen fire codes, just read below (click on the link at the end of the summary to read about it in more detail).

Requirements for the hood, grease removal devices, duct and fire extinguishing system may be modified by the AHJ for cooking operations in free standing tents, mobile unites and other small buildings.

Inspections and tests must be conducted at least annually or semi-annually for kitchen hood suppression systems as required. Annual testing by a qualified person does not stop owner from inspection and testing more frequently. A qualified person must file a written inspection report with the AHJ within 14 days of completion of each inspection.

Facilities with limited use may request kitchen hood inspection frequency to be annual when reviewed and approved by AHJ. Intent of this code is to provide one proof of inspection sticker annually to sprinkler or fire alarm systems and generators.


Vermont General Fire Codes

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