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Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer
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Pressure Washers are typically used in the spring, summer and fall, which is why making sure you understand how to properly store your machine for those couple of months in between uses is important. This blog post is going to give you step-by-step instructions, as well as tips on how to properly store your pressure washer so it’s out of the way and protected during the winter.

Steps for Winterizing a Pressure Washer:

  1. Run a fuel stabilizer through the gas tank and turn on the engine for about 2 minutes. Once the stabilizer has run through the system, shut the engine down. A fuel stabilizer ensures the gas doesn’t clog the fuel lines while it is being stored.


2. Now it’s time to remove any detergent and water left in the pump system.

  • Connect your pressure washer to your water source.
  • Put the detergent tube in clean water.
  • Turn the pressure washer on and pull the trigger with the low pressure nozzle and let it run. This will help clean out the detergent.
  • Next turn the water source off and remove it from the pump inlet (make sure the unit has cooled down before removing this).
  • Turn the trigger on again to remove the rest of the water from the hose, spray gun and nozzle extension.
  • You will then use a rag to wipe the water off the hose.
  • Make sure to fill your pressure washer with a pump saver oil to help prevent any rust, freezer damage and to help keep things from drying out.
  • Finally, pull the recoil handle twice to complete the process.

3) Lastly you will need to add antifreeze to the pump inlet if temperatures will be freezing where you live.

Consequences of Not Winterizing Your Pressure Washing Machine:

Some may think, is it absolutely necessary to go through all of this just to put my pressure washing machine away for a few months? The answer is, yes! If you do not properly winterize and store your pressure washing machine you can cause the pump and pipes to freeze and damage your machine altogether which would result in buying a whole new pressure washer. If you do not use the appropriate antifreeze, drain the pipes, and store it properly, this can cause the pump and pipes and the engine to completely freeze over which ultimately will cause the pipes to burst (think of your pipes in your home and why you should never let them freeze over). If you do not properly follow these steps, it can result in spending THOUSANDS of dollars to replace everything.

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer


If you don’t plan on using your pressure washer for more than 30 days, you will want to provide the correct storage for the machine so it will protect the engine (follow the above steps on how to store your pressure washing machine).


Add fuel stabilizer to protect your engine. Just add this before filling the fuel tank when you bring the pressure washer out in the spring. You will run this through your pressure washer for a few minutes so it can get through the whole system.

Always make sure to point the gun away from you and other objects when trying to flush anything out.

Always make sure you are wearing eye protection when handling the pressure washer.

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer
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